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> Religion, A Pantheist view
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Posted: 11-Feb-2008, 02:29 PM
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Though born, baptised, and raised a Catholic I began to question my religion at 13
and by 17 I had walked away from all belief in religion. I did not however walk away from belief in a Creator. There are to many wonders in life for it be to totally haphazard. There is a reason for all things and its seems a force driving Creation. I believe that this force is the Universe itself. Religion and God are man made ("God created Man so that Man could create God"). From the days when our Hominid forbearers started to think and reason they needed to explain the Natural world around them. The season, storms, clouds, stars, and of course death. It was therefore reasonable in their mind to create powerful beings who were responsible for these wonders it was also reasonable to assume that if they were pleased and placated they in turn would be beneficent. You would think that after2 million years we Hominids would have outgrown this. This is not the case. The greater part of Humankind still need this belief and I have no objection to that.
What I do object to is the constant haranguing of Religious groups that there way is the true way. The three major Religions of the world (I left out Buddhism as it is more a philosophy than religion) have spent the last 1000 years hating each other and trying to wipe each other out. These three Great Religions claim to believe in and worship the same GOD. The first of the three believe they are the "Chosen People", the second believe that the first were on the wrong track so God sent his son down to straighten them out, and the third believe that the first and second got it wrong so God sent the Prophet with the Final Solution. Sometimes my faith in the Human Species is really tested to the limits.
Posted: 27-Feb-2008, 12:48 PM
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I was baptised and raised Roman Catholic. I was never confirmed. My conversation with God continues to this day. Mostly questions, few answers.

Life comes to everyone the same regardless of religious belief or none what so ever. How you chose to relate to this life and what makes sense to explain life coming to you is often your religious belief or your philosophical stance.

The need to relate to life and or ask for an explanation for life is based on questioning or an unknown as to why.

An atheiest, a Baptist, a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist all wake up in the morning, eat, sleep and die. Life came to them all the same, how they chose to explain it is another story called their beliefs.

My pennies worth.

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