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I am a taurus in every sense of the sign. I have a heart of an artist with, hopefully, ample talent. I enjoy history, music (anything done on the piano), and mythology. My most favorite thing to do is to visit the annual Renaissance festival and the costumes we make for the festival (11 years and counting). I love to travel and my favorite place so far has been the Cayman Islands.
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Getting better
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 20th, 2004 1:39 PM
Well I'm feeling pretty good right now.

About two months ago I was so nervous at school, and it takes a lot to get me nervous, I didn't want to go. I have always hated the idea of needles. Having someone give the shots, piercings, tattoos, ect given to me doesn't bother me in the least, but administering the injections, piercing skin like that, it makes me shiver. I have always been afraid of it. So when I found out we'd be giving them seven to eight times and day, I began to get nervous. At first I would feel myself getting emotional and the urge just to give up, but I didn't and I got it done. My arms and hands were so tense I would shake after when I tried to relax. I hated it.

Today I had to give four injections and I hardly hesitated, my hands don't shake and I was pretty calm. It feels good to face something you hate and get over it. I am nowhere near as sufficient as I need to be, but more practice is all I need, any volunteers?

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Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 19th, 2004 12:13 PM
I have heat in my house again! It has been getting really cold here in Michigan lately, really, really cold if you have no heat and live on the lake. I actually was able to get out of bed this morning without rushing to get ready so I could start my car just to get warm. You don't know how much you need something until you don't have it anymore.

Another quiz:
You're Orange: Orange's are very creative and ingenious. They seem smart as hell. They mainly live in their own worlds, and aren't very sociable. They like to keep to themselves and are most often loners. They are independent and make great private investigators and national leaders. Orange's, unfortunately, often have depression problems because they sometimes worry too much on other world-wide problems that they can't solve.

Cecilia, you should start your own forum in the special interests of all your quizzes, lol. They are fun though.

Listening to Nelly Fertado, I really do like her.

Oh yeah, my mother's miniature pinscher had to be fixed yesterday. Poor little guy, he looks depressed today. sad.gif lol

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Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 18th, 2004 12:41 PM
Well this morning was a bit crazy. Crystal, a friend from school, collapsed into seizures during class. They called for the ambulence and took her to the hospital. I guess if you are going to do that what better place outside a hospital than a room full of nurses and MA's. I am pretty sure she is going to be fine, it was still a little scary to see someone in a seizure, I have only seen it a few times. But this is the second time in the past month I have seen someone taken out in a stretcher.
I'm not feeling so well so I'm going to take a nap. Maybe I'll write more later.

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It burns...
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 17th, 2004 7:10 PM
My scalp hurts like crazy. I'm not dying my hair black again for a long while... it takes forever to get out, and oh does it burn. Now my hair is this golden, red color, lol it's weird but oh well.
Over all I had a pretty good day. I woke up early - I can't sleep in anymore because of school... grr... - and drove over to my mother's house to make sure my grandmother wasn't alone. She wasn't, lol she had her sister, my aunt, and her nieces and their husbands over making them breakfast. So all morning and afternoon they sat around and went through old pictures and told those great old stories about the family and especially those funny ones you love learning about your parents. I enjoyed it so much. Sometimes I forget how cool it is to come from such a big, caring (extended) family. By big I mean big - my grandmother had ten children and her sister had fourteen, throw in all their spouses and (on the average) two children each and another twenty-five great-grandchildren just on my grandmother's side (I have no idea how many great-grandchildren in the Fowler side - btw I am part of the LaMotte side) and that's a big family. And keep in mind most of them live in and around Port Huron. And they have to get together almost every holiday and at least once a month for poker parties or just because parties. Speaking of parties, our annual Halloween party is coming up. Hayrides, costumes, tons of food, scavenger hunts, and poker - I love it.
Btw, that's awesome Lesli. I will be there to help out if you need any, it'll be so much fun decorating a house! wink.gif
Alright now that I have all these really cool, really old (one dates back to 1890's) pictures and stories of where I come from, I'm going home to put them in some frames. Night everyone.

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Happy Belated Birthday, Lor
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Oct 13th, 2004 12:13 PM
Update on Hallween, Cheryl and Tiffany want to dress up as playboy bunnies... I'm sure we could find a Hugh Hefner, lol but yeah I told them it wasn't happening. But no matter what we choose I'm excited - I haven't been to Windsor save one time we drove through when I was 12.
Yesterday was good times. I have been missing those lately. Class seemed forever, but once I was done it was a pleasant day. Lor and I hung out all day, it being her 21st birthday. We ran some errands, which were more fun then it sounds, then went out to eat at Damon's. Saw some people we graduated with and a friend's brother, it was cool, although we didn't win the trivia game... I can never win that damn thing. We then went to Meijer to purchase some things that we could now legally buy, well at least Lor can, and talked with a friend who worked there for a bit. We went back to my place and I got her addicted to Sex and the City, lol we ended up watching the first 10 episodes. Later Franie came over and we sat around an ice cream cake I had bought for Lor and we discussed the usual girl things, good times. I would love to do that more than once or twice a month, but we'll see. It's hard to believe Lorie and I have been so close for over 8 years, that's crazy. That's almost half of our lives. But then again all my close friends I have known for at least 4 years... that's the taurus in me - secure and set in my ways.
Speaking of friends, I got Tor on the phone and she says hey to everyone who cares.

Listening to NERD for some reason, alright I think they are... catchy. Don't tell Hira - that's her music genre (which I make fun of occasionally).

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