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> Trials Of Lancelot, Lyrics
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Posted: 16-Jun-2004, 10:51 AM
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Does anyone have the lyrics for Trials of Lancelot by Heather Dale
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Posted: 16-Jun-2004, 01:43 PM
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I have yet to find the lyrics. sad.gif But, I did find this cool area of Heather's site, which you may find of interest.



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Posted: 16-Jun-2004, 08:39 PM
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try the liner notes?

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Posted: 16-Jun-2004, 09:24 PM
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Here are the lyrics from the liner notes in the CD I have,

King Arthur's knights, they filled the Table Round
Save for one who stood before them
For once without a weapon,
For once he stood in shame.
The trial's charge was treason
And betrayal of an oath,
And should his guilt be proven
Death would fall on traitors both,
The knights would counsel Arthur's hard decision.

And Lancelot, his head held high,
Said, "I'm tried for love of Guinevere,
My crime was love."

The first to speak was Kay with sharpest tongue,
"He's a man like any other,
The word of kings command him
His heart does not obey.
For all his strength and boldness
This knight's spirit is too weak,
His crime has no excuses
And no favors may he seek,
The laws of kings don't bend and can't be broken."

And Lancelot, his head held high,
Said, "I stand for love of Guinevere,
For pride in love."

"I know this knight right well," spoke bold Gawain,
"And he has ever stood beside me.
With steel he's answered insults,
Defended chivalry,
Oft this man contended
For the honor of your wife.
His actions were not proper
But should not cost him his life.
His service past should earn of you some mercy."

And Lancelot, his head held high,
Said, "I fought for love of Guinevere,
I'll fight for love."

Sir Tristan spoke, "I love my uncle's wife.
For her I gladly suffer,
She is my heart's delight
Isolt, the one who tempts me
And she for whom I'm pure,
My love for her confounds me
And is all of which I'm sure,
I understand my brother's contradictions."

And Lancelot, his head held high,
Said, "I cry my love for Guinevere,
I've cried for love."

Spoke Galahad, the purest of them all,
"Have no fear of predilection,
For though he is my father
He is my source of shame
He joined in sinful union
With my unbeguiling mother
And for all his claim at virtue
He has gone and bed another,
The laws of God declare this act damnation."

And Lancelot his head held high,
Said, "I lie in love with Guinevere,
I've lied for love."

As Arthur wept, he called the wrath of heaven
On the lovers who'd betrayed him.
On the knight he had called brother,
Thought worthy of his trust,
On the Queen who hid deception
Yet could say she loved him still
For lost innocence and beauty
And in justice for their guilt,
King Arthur knew the only price for treason.

And Lancelot, his head held high,
Said, "I die in love with Guinevere,
I'd die for love."

Heather M. Dale (SOCAN)
(Copyright Heather M. Dale 1996)

These are printed here for research purposes only.

Blessed Be.

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Posted: 17-Jun-2004, 03:34 PM
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what a beautiful song...sigh.


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