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Posted by: CelticRadio32070 12-Dec-2010, 02:39 PM
All knowledge exists. All mankind can have it for the asking. It is within man, awaiting is awareness of its all presence. Knowledge cannot be acquired by the brain from without, it must be "recollected" from within the consciousness of Self. Gradually dawning conscious awareness is but gradual recollection of the all knowing which has always been within man. Man cannot acquire knowledge from books or schools. He can but acquire information that way, but information is not knowledge until it is recognized by the spiritual consciousness of man. Information gained by motion of the senses must be returned to the stillness of the Source before it becomes knowledge. Information concerning the body, for example, does not give knowledge concerning cause of body, or of the bodies relationship to the universe. Information of birth and death of the body, on the assumption that the body is SELF, never can lead to knowledge that body is not Self, or that Self is immortal. Nor can information concerning the material body alone, its chemistry and its functionings, heal the body. Bodies manifest life, but life is cosmic. Life is not in the body. Life is spirit, and spirit is still. Life is not chemistry or germ of matter. To heal the body so that it can manifest life of the spirit Self of the body, one must give the unbalanced body the balance of the spirit. Knowledge of the Light can alone do this. All the information in the world will not heal a body unassisted by the Light in him who heals and in him who his being healed.
You, Man, are bounded to the illusion of My dual thinking, for Mans sense-seeing with his eyes is the binding. I but build illusion with My dual thinking for your sense-seeing. Sense-seeing binds man to "forms" and "things", while Mind "knowing" opens doors of glory to the opposed threads of Light with which I weave all idea of Mind into forms of many moving things. Mind-Seeing decentrates unto the farthest reachest of My universe of Me, And sees all forms as One. With his seeing eyes Man sees Light as matter energized, but senses not that the energy of matter is THE LIGHT of My divided thinking. With Mans unseesing eyes of spirit he knows the Light of Me, the Source, and knows that he is bound in Me as One, and I in him. BEHOLD IN ME THY GOD OF LOVE, THE ONE, INSEPARABLE!!!

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