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Posted by: Macfive 03-Mar-2004, 06:39 PM
We developed this support email to send to members that are having difficulty with Live365...

For complete setup instructions for tuning in to our broadcasts, please visit our technical in addition to reading this bulletin.

For complete Live365 help and support, please visit the

In case you did not know, we had to move to their services because of recent changes in the U.S. streaming laws (R.I.A.A.) Live365 was the most economical solution to continue Highlander Radio - otherwise we may have been force to close down indefinitely!

Live365 uses audio and banner advertising to help defer the cost of the licensing and royalty fees. These are not part of To remove all audio and banner advertising you can purchase a preferred member account for as little as $5.95 a month. If you use the following link to sign-up, Highlander Radio will receive a small commission of $1.50 (one-time) for each new account:


Try this new windows and mac based player if you continue to have problems listening to our broadcast. It is a free trial or included in preferred memberships:

Radio365 for Windows or Mac

Here are some suggestions to get Live365 working properly if you are having difficulty:

1. Clear all of your temporary internet files.
2. Clear all of your cookies.
3. Go to your Windows folder and look for a folder called "Downloaded Program Files." Delete all the files in this folder. (These are like temporary internet files)

Then use these links to download and setup Live365:

Please note that the setup process can take a few minutes even with a broadband connection, so please be patient while the player files are downloaded to your computer. During the initial setup process you will have the option to configure Live365 to use a few different MP3 Players. This can be configured after the initial setup process by visiting the following Live365 link (be sure you are logged into your Live365 account:

Player365 - This will play Highlander Radio from within the Live365 player window. Player365 will display the current playing song as well as a small history of songs recently played. An important note! If you decide to purchase a CD that you heard on Highlander Radio, please use the links on our website rather than the in-player window. This will help Highlander Radio and the musicians that provide us with CD's. All proceeds from CD's purchased through Live365 go to Live365 and not Highlander Radio.

WinAmp & iTunes - One of the most common question we receive is why can't I hear Highlander Radio through Winamp any more. The answer is you can! Instead of using Player365, select "default mp3 player" from the initial setup or from the personalize link above. If you have WinAmp or iTunes installed as your default MP3 player, then when you launch our broadcast you will first see the Live365 player window and then Winamp or iTunes will launch and tune into Highlander Radio.

Ok here is a nifty tip suggested by one of our listeners. Once Highlander Radio is playing in WinAmp or iTunes, bookmark the broadcast then close the Live365 window. The next time you want to listen to Highlander Radio, just open WinAmp (or iTunes) and select the bookmark bypassing Live365 all together!

One last thing to consider before you start. Highlander Radio is MP3 Pro compatible! What exactly does that mean? It means that our broadband connection of 64kps will sound like CD quality if you use the MP3 Pro plugin. If you purchase a Live365 preferred member account, the MP3 Pro plugin is included in the VIP Player365. If you use WinAmp to listen to Highlander Radio, be sure to download and configure the MP3 Pro plugin before you listen. Here is the link to the Plugin:

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us with your technical support questions or visit the technical support forum located here:

Posted by: Macfive 20-Dec-2005, 09:23 PM
We are now recommending Radio365 as the preferred way to listen to Highalnder Radio. This is especially for those that have trouble connecting to our broadcast.

Radio365 is a desktop application that runs on Windows or MacIntosh computers and will make your life a whole lot easier.

Well, we love our VIP members, we can understand that the $5-6 a month for another subscription is not for everyone. We just learned that Radio365 can be purchased for a one-time fee of $14.95 and that gives you unlimited listening to Highlander Radio and thousands of other radio stations. (You still need to be a VIP member if the station you are listening to runs out of free listener slots).

There is a 5 day free trial available, so why not give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed!

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