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myriad Posted on: 01-Aug-2004, 02:00 PM

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So happy that all is well with your wife. I hope the recovery is speedy and that all remains well.
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myriad Posted on: 01-Aug-2004, 01:57 PM

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Looking around the site and finding a lot of great new features. Reading through only a few of the most recent forum posts because I don't think I can make up 2 months of time away.
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myriad Posted on: 05-Mar-2004, 01:02 AM

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Lahatha and Ladaerwin ran into the woodlands nearing the pit of the forest where dark shadows were cast by the enormous forest oak and elm. Ladaerwin turned to Lahatha and asked if she felt that helping this man and taking this womans life was something she was prepared to do. Lahatha recalled that it had been centuries since she had to take a female humans life. She would gladly have given her own at the time rather than take the womans life, but it was not Lahathas that had been harmed then. Lahatha narrowed her eyes and looked closely at Ladaerwen then eased her expression. Speaking in their common language Lahatha responded to Ladaerwen, "pahnwatha lifian ta willn deh semethimeh." Which closely resembles, "It does seem a waste to remove these coats." They both smiled and determined to pad along a little farther before making any other comment.

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myriad Posted on: 29-Feb-2004, 08:00 PM

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Hey all
Lierel congrats with the new home!
Aon... I agree it is hard to keep up with it all!
And Rider... Good to hear you made it back without much trepedition!
Well, I am insanely busy with University work. I am working on an exam that determines whether I get my degree or not. It is lengthy, time consuming and due in two weeks! AHHHHHH! Not to mention I am still doing my 36 hour a week, minimum, field work, and other stuff. Anyway, I am keeping up and doing well so far. May possibly be bald by the end of March but I am trying not to literally pull my hair out. It seems as though everyone is swamped so I am sure things will be slowing a bit in HC land. I will try to come in occasionally and keep up. I am sorry I haven't seen any of you on IRC. I guess I get on at the wrong time. I have been chatting a bit with Aaediwen though. I can always find him hanging about in there... or maybe I come in at the right times... Oh, I don't know. Well, have a good week all and I will pop in again soon.
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myriad Posted on: 17-Feb-2004, 04:27 PM

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I have an idea. Just give a good narrative outlining the basic plot and maybe some character options so I will have an idea of how to develop one. Then let it rip. I am all for it. Excited to see what you do with it too.
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myriad Posted on: 17-Feb-2004, 04:17 PM

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Oh wow, I hope this is a move that was looked forward to. Stay safe. Enjoy all of that packing and unpacking. It is no longer fun after you do it once a year, at a minimum, for 5 or so years. wink.gif
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myriad Posted on: 17-Feb-2004, 04:14 PM

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As MacErca and Ladaerwen lay healing, Lahatha stayed dutifully by their side, watching every movement throughout the camp. When Dragon Master fell to the ground Lahatha's fury returned and her hair stood on end. Without realizing it she let a short snarl and showed her fangs. She looked at Laban, who was looking around at everyone in astonishment and as he turned to tromp off in the direction of the cave, Lahatha realized he mistook her furious appearance as being directed at him. It was nearing the fall of darkness of the full moon and Lahatha peered at Ladaerwen.
"Have you mended sister?"
Lahatha wanted at least a small peice of that trecherous beauties neck. She desired a bit of blood still as well. She would not touch the nasty liquid that oozed from the orc's veins. By utilizing the gift of stealth Lahatha and Ladaerwen possesed it should pose no difficulty to take drops of blood from a humans neck, even while they were living, let alone in thier death. They would be taking human form as was required by the full moon and for the killing a human being. Lahatha bristled with a bit of pleasure and had to restrain the growl of excitement that lodged itself in her throat.
MacErca noticing the change in Lahathas appearance and looked at her.
"It is quite alright MacErca. It seems you will be feeling well again in no time." Lahatha said this with concern and distraction and was looking in the direction of the cave. She looked at Mac and before she could say a word Mac said to her, "Lahatha, do what you must." Again Lahatha looked at Ladaerwen and Ladaerwens eyes flashed a golden green as a bit of the fading light reached them and then returned to black.
The pleasure of the hunt increased as she realized more of the sister she had lost was returning.
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myriad Posted on: 16-Feb-2004, 01:06 AM

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Well, I have a bit of sad but amuzing news. Tsu-la is gone. I think when we got her she was a bit sick. We took her back to the store to have her checked out and they kept her overnight. The next day when I called to see how she was, the report was not good. She had escaped. So, she is probably somewhere in the walls of the pet store. We hope. Otherwise she may be a gonner. So we now only have Lielu and she is lonely. We will probably be getting another tomorrow. Not sure what we will name her yet. Mary

Good to see a post from ya Rider. Wish I could catch you when you are online. I noticed you haven't posted in HC for a bit. Is everything going well? pm me sometime and let me know how you are.
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myriad Posted on: 16-Feb-2004, 12:59 AM

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My question outta game is the same as in game. "Where the hell is Dragon Master!??" I must be getting on the wrong nights or wrong hours.

BTW, I think Neffie is fitting in to the plot rather well. Can I get a HUZZAAH!! Way to go Nef. AKA Cotton.

Well, if anyone has ever owned or currently owns a pet rat, please pm me. I have a few questions being a new "fancy" rat owner.

G'night all and peaceful sleep
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myriad Posted on: 13-Feb-2004, 06:57 PM

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Lahatha watched as this catwoman pawed at MacErca's face. Lahatha padded slowly up next to MacErca's ear and nuzzled it... then began whispering words from a language she knew he would recognize. Attempting to call him from his stupor, she slowly placed one paw over his chest and continued to whisper. She had to focus but her concentration was being disturbed by this thing beside her. A vision returned of this feline weilding a scimitar in defense of her sister and Lahathas spirit was eased to continue her repetition in Mac's ear. She knew it would be necessary for Josie to come soon. And where the hell was the Dragon Master! Focus, she thought to herself. Feeling no shift in Mac's deep breathing, Lahatha looked over at Mirre and stopped chanting.
"Use your claws."
Mirre glanced back at Lahatha with a look of disgust. It was clear she was not one bit pleased. Lahatha looked back kindly but firmly.
"It must be done... do it."
Lahatha lay down beside Mac and eased her chin onto his chest and closed her eyes. All she could think of was how very important it was for him to wake. Other than her stealth and strength she had very few powers. Diverting attention and confusing an enemy was of no use to her now.
She could feel the beating of Mac's heart reverberating in her throat and her breathing matched his. She focused on his heart and concentrated on the feeling there. She thought these things as Mirre began...

Let it be peace
Mirre carved

Let it light
again Mirre carved

Let it be love

Mirre knew the depth of this action as well as Lahatha. It was common among forrest runners. Lahatha was bottling within a swelling of pain she knew she must endure. Her thoughts were repetitious...he must have strength. MacErca hear these thoughts.... you must be strong... at that Lahatha closed her eyes and continued to breath deeper. Though concious she was completely focused on this man below her.
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myriad Posted on: 11-Feb-2004, 11:21 PM

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Damnit, why are they always calling me little one..... as that thought finished a violent surged ran through Lahathas body and limbs. Her veigns seemed to light on fire and she threw herself forward into a long hard run, "Let's go, Ladaerwen! This is for Kiatra!!" Oh how he would enjoy sinking his claws into this filth... unfortunately Lahatha was currently sinking her teeth into one and the taste reminded her of rotting flesh. She could feel her hair on end and the charge that surged through her seemed to be sparking her feverish anger to long forgotten heights. Going into the battle she knew she must keep Ladaerwen close... her sister was still weak. But now her vision was so focussed on the blood and limbs of these creatures she ached to destroy that she became blind to the battle surrounding her or even to her sisters presence. Centuries of repressed anger and pain was driving her into each creature with renewed strength and ferver. Just as she rounded on a beastly sized orc, Lahatha recognized the sound she dreaded.... she turned swiftly and darted in and out amongst the swinging and stomping limbs of orc and the singing of human blades. As swiftly as her blood boiled with anger for these beasts, her blood ran cold with the fear of losing her sister she had just rejoined.
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myriad Posted on: 09-Feb-2004, 08:13 PM

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I have an announcement. We have pets! Their both girls and are named Lielu and Tsu-La (JewLah). They are rats. The second name is Cherokee for fox. Anyway, we are having a lot of fun with them. Never had a pet rat before so I am trying to learn all that I can about them from the web and am trying to socialize them (teach them to like human hands and all). If anyone has any suggestions I am sure anything would be helpful.

Maine.... oh, I have always wanted to see Maine. I am not sure I would like that -30F weather though. Hope the work or weather has eased a bit, Tristan. Good to see you are enjoying yourself on here.

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myriad Posted on: 09-Feb-2004, 08:05 PM

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QUOTE (barddas @ Feb 9 2004, 03:22 PM)

Poplar Tree (the Uncertainty) -- looks very decorative, talented, not very self confident, extremely courageous if necessary, needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings, very choosy, often lonely, great animosity, great artistic nature, good organizer, tends to lean toward philosophy, reliable in any situation, takes partnership seriously.

Barddas I am a Poplar as well! What is your birthdate? August 11th here..... go lions!
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myriad Posted on: 09-Feb-2004, 07:32 PM

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thanks Mac
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myriad Posted on: 09-Feb-2004, 04:43 PM

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Hi Aaediwen,
I was able to log in but it had me listed as @celticradio. I am not sure what to do. I have never used IRC. The only way I have been able to access any chat from this site is via this forum and the link you have posted. Please e-mail me with a possible time you will be on chat so that I maybe can get the hang of this. Great job by the way! I am so impressed that you jumped in and got this thing going.
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myriad Posted on: 08-Feb-2004, 08:35 PM

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Hey Neffie and I got it covered. We will be dying soon... note the post I made in HC about the cloud of death and our desire for blood and so on. So how abouts we get on to cave and have blood spillin, life thrillin, fun. Not sure how we want to die but we think it would be best since we have not been a large part of the storyline. We will give you an idea soon of the death scene or will wing it as we get to the cave. Alright... so... anyway... thats what we would like to see happen. We will continue to be on forums and chatting with you guys and maybe you'll see us around a bit more. It just seems to work really well with the storyline and it saves primary characters from dyeing. Besides... We have been at this for 3 months and no one has died... that should beat some kinda record I think.
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myriad Posted on: 08-Feb-2004, 08:23 PM

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Lahatha pads over to where Highlander sits a bit apart from the group. "You look anxious to be on the move, Highlander. We need to speak about the path we are coming to. The tree leaves are humming of the danger ahead. I noticed there are missing companions. Have you seen Labban and Celeste?" Highlander looked at Lahatha with a puzzled expression.

"We must find them and be on our way. I would that we could depart with haste," Lahatha paused and with emphasis said, "very soon." This place wreaks of feline filth," she growlde," I am afraid if we delay I may have to seek this being out for breakfast." Lahatha smiled but the smile was not visible in her eyes. She glanced at the others as groups formed and each most likely discussed the travels ahead. Lahatha drew nearer to Highlander and spoke softly..."I and my sister thirst for blood, Highlander. It has been many moons since we have fought and we feel our youth of centuries ago. We wish to go to battle soon and are prepared to leave this land to quench the desire we both have. Our bond has grown strong and we have felt the cloud of death upon us. Highlander, we will take our human form and will battle flesh to flesh with you and the company... but we must go soon. The group has grown weak."
Lahatha against her nature looked deeply into Highlanders eyes to try to read some response to what she had spoken. She desired to be of like mind with this warrior. She only hoped he had not also succumbed to what she and her sister considered to be trite human affairs.
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myriad Posted on: 05-Feb-2004, 12:28 AM

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I am glad to see we have worked everything out and that Neffie's character and Neffie herself is welcome. I was a bit concerned. How about we all stay out of the TG (Training Ground) char. description now. Unless of course we're in that one. I didn't even know for sure where Nef' needed to post when she asked me which Character Description to post under. I basically said anything that said HC or Highlander Castle was safe and all other /a shrug. So anyway, sorry for any confusion caused by me and I hope we can continue this HC story. BTW: I think it is great how Nef worked in the old name of the bad guy "Gahngun" (spelling check). Absolutely marvelous thinking and she is quite the writer. /a sends Nef a great big hug. Luvs ya 'cotton'.
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myriad Posted on: 03-Feb-2004, 05:51 PM

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it'd be me....sorry 'bout that an' all. Thought about it when another friend asked to join. Told her she needed to contact you, but didn't think about it with Nef. Sorry 'bout that. Hope all is forgiven... btw, she is of age... so no worries.
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myriad Posted on: 02-Feb-2004, 10:20 PM

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Lahatha tried not to smile as the woman glanced at the others, afraid that she may mistake it for something other than what it was. She nudged the womans hand with her nose in greeting and looked at Aaediwen,
"By the way she is looking at you for an answer, I will assume she is a friend of yours." Returning her glance she says simply, "Hello, I am Lahatha."
Turning toward the rock she leapt from earlier, Lahatha calmly says to everyone around, " I would like for each of you to warmly greet Ladaerwen, my sister."
As Lahatha said this, Ladaerwen padded onto the rock and calmly eyed each of the companions with her cool, black eyes. Looking into her eyes was like looking at stones, you could not see past them or read any emotion in them. Her fur was pitch black and silky, the color of midnight in the deepest cavern. She looked at Lahatha and slowly padded down the encline and nuzzled the near the ear. She softly whispered in wolf...."so this is him to my right, is it?" Then looked back at the dragon master.
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myriad Posted on: 02-Feb-2004, 09:50 PM

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This is an article that convinced me to go see The Passion. My hubby and I will be there opening night in support. I am thrilled to see this movie and will be encouraging everyone I know to go.

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myriad Posted on: 02-Feb-2004, 05:49 PM

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Sounds good... I am always willing to go and return as a spirit. I might torment Mac for a while *wink* or have I done enough of that. Okay, well, I will do my best to keep this up again. Sorry about the long task. I missed you all.

I think Rider that you and I need to have a chat about that note at some point. Make it whatever you like. I really had nothing in mind.
Ahh and Mac if we are in cold weather I might prefer to keep my coat for a few days, LOL.
Aaediwen, I left the Cerianna thing hanging. I didn't want to write it as though I knew her from the past if you didn't want that. You can pick that up however you like as well. You can introduce us or explain that I am not just a wolf or do whatever you like with that situation as well.

I like leaving it so the other characters can follow up however you like.
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myriad Posted on: 02-Feb-2004, 05:35 PM

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He saw a vision of his mother beside him saying "return"....but he knew not where to he was to return to.
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myriad Posted on: 02-Feb-2004, 05:26 PM

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"Hello again all, I am glad you are all feeling light hearted under such a foreboding task."
Lahatha spread her mouth wide with her front fangs barely portruding and looked at each companion in turn.
By the way Mac, that was an excellent attempt at a howl the other night. I would almost have believed one of the pack followed me, that is, if it hadn't sounded so much like a drunken warrior."
" You are all an easy group to follow. I simply follow the wretched smell of feline." Lahatha said this with a false grimace. "She seems to have kept you all quite safe though. I am grateful to her. It is always good to have company familiar with these wood on the long journeys, isn't it Dragon Master."
Having said this, Lahatha went to Rider and bowed her head forward. Rider knealed and took the short, thin cylindar that was attached to Lahatha's torque. Looking at Rider as though to say, keep silent, Lahatha looked at Mac to draw attention away from the Dragon Master as she read.
Mac, this collar has been quite a useful tool." Seeing Mac's face turn red with frustration, she smiled broadly, "excuse me, I mean torque."

The group laughed and Lahatha noticed Cerianna. Lahatha walked forward and Cerianna stood looking at Lahatha curiously.
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myriad Posted on: 19-Jan-2004, 04:46 PM

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Isn't paganism generally polytheistic?
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