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Patriot1776 Posted on: 13-Dec-2009, 03:44 PM

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Yeah things are going much, much better since then. Sleeping great and dreaming often. With today's refilling of the humidifier tank, I'm out of store bought distilled water and I'm now making me up a few potfuls of boiled water to put back in the empty distilled jug to use the next few days and see how well boiled water works instead of distilled.

I first tried to prepare the boiled using my coffee percolator with no coffee grounds in it, but the water came out with a very, very weak brown tinge to it from coffee residue getting suspended in it, so that didn't work. Went and got myself a second percolator, different from the normal one, to try the same thing with, and it will be used for CPAP water preparation only if it works.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 01-Dec-2009, 11:43 AM

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*catches it, undamaged* Nice! Thanks for the gift! My parents need a good tree and so this is going to them.

*The components safely locked in place, tosses out a repaired mechanical pendulum clock for somebody to catch and keep*
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 30-Nov-2009, 05:13 AM

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Night of Nov. 29 was much better. I only had to wake up twice to have a drink of water. Was feeling good enough to go for a brisk walk at 5:30 in the morning after waking up for a third time, taking a drink of water, and checking to see what time it was: 5:15. Laid there in the bed without the mask on for another 15 minutes before getting up, putting on clothes, and doing the morning maintenance to the CPAP, along with removing the humidifier tank and refilling it before going on my walk. It's now 6:15 AM, Nov. 30 as I write this, and I think I've found a humidifier setting that will work.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 29-Nov-2009, 10:35 PM

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Well, a setting of 3 last Saturday night DID NOT work. I woke up several times over the night to drink some water because of my throat getting very dry. I'm taking the humidifier as high as it will go tonight, even though it will guarantee me having to fully refill it tomorrow.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 27-Nov-2009, 06:21 PM

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I now have my CPAP machine, a Respironics REMstar Pro M Series, with ramp-up and C-Flex, and humidifier with 6 intensity levels, 0-5. I took a nap earlier with it to give it a first spin and noticed I was more refreshed afterwards than normal, but even with the humidifier on 2 my throat and airway was still too dry for my liking, so I'm going to give setting 3 a shot when I head off to bed for the night.

Machine pressure is set for 8 cm/water, the ramp-up dropping it to 4 cm/water and gradually ramping it up to 8 cm/water over the course of 40 minutes to give me a gentler start of it to help me fall asleep.

I'm starting out with a normal, medium-size nasal mask and am glad I can easily lay on my side even with the mask on. Will update here as my first month with it goes.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 18-Nov-2009, 06:17 AM

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Did one last bit of surgery on the grandfather clock Monday evening. The suspension spring that the pendulum ultimately hangs from in it was partially broke, and precariously away from dropping the pendulum to the bottom of the case, so I managed to find and order a new one, and that's what this was about.

Her and I again had to pull the clock away from the wall after removing things from the case. A pair of needlenose pliers were used to pull the tapered pin holding the old suspension spring in, and it was removed and the new one slipped in before the tapered pin was pushed back into place. Clock was put back into place, and everything put back in it, it was rewound and restarted. After about an hour of making sure it kept good time, the great aunt finally paid me for all my work. She paid me $50 that went into a savings envelope I'm keeping to help fund purchase of a used Jeep Wrangler in the coming months.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 08-Nov-2009, 08:15 AM

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Drinking coffee before church service. I got a sleep study set for this evening and cannot have any caffiene after lunch, so I'm getting all I can before I leave for church at 10:20 (choir member).
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 07-Nov-2009, 07:56 PM

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Sorry I never got back with everybody, but the sleep study results came back saying I do really have sleep apnea and I do snore. I sleapt for six hours during the study, and during that time, my brain woke up 41 times to get me to breathing right again. I'm going back to the sleep center tomorrow night, but this time it will be to find my CPAP settings.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 07-Nov-2009, 07:45 PM

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Alright, I think I am going to pursue this more seriously, clock repair.

Wanna know why? Over the past two weeks, I returned to service my great aunt's 1976-make Emperor 300M grandfather clock, with the major work being done this past Friday.

The week before, I was able to spend a few minutes with it and find the striking and chiming trains still functional, just stiff from sitting for years and got them going again. However, I found that no matter what I tried in leveling it, it would not tick evenly. There was a concert that night her and I were going to, so I had to cut off the work until another day.

Well, that day was this past Friday. After removing the pendulum and the weights, and with her help, we moved the clock out from the wall, to the middle of the living room floor, took the back panel off, and major surgery commenced. After looking at the manual she by the Lord's grace still had for it, I found I was going to have to get access to the escapement for leveling to try and even the ticking back out. It took some figuring out, but I was able to remove the chime rods and after removing the hands and doing some more unscrewing, the movement, chiming hammers and all, and it's chains were carefully removed and set between two chairs for inspection. Upon retrospect this may have been unnecessary, but I wanted to actually be able to look down at the escapement. I did a little bit of pushing down on the sides of it and found the escape anchor could slip a little and I was not going to have to take it out and remove and replace the arm for it to a slightly new location to try and center it.

Now that I knew the anchor would slip, I decided right then to put the movement back in the case, re-secure it, and do the rest of the troubleshooting with the chime rods removed so I'd be able to test adjustments with the weight to drive it, taking it off whenever I needed to push a side of the anchor down. According to the manual for it, my aim was to try and get the escapement's anchor lever, which is driven by a linkage that the pendulum itself hangs from, to where the anchor lever would move back and forth rapidly when the going train's weight is attached but the pendulum and connecting linkage were removed.

It was at this point I discovered an adjustment I needed to make that the manual does not go into detail on that really is probably not supposed to be tried except by a trained clocksmith: anchor height via a pair of screws. While the movement was out of the case I had inadvertently loosened these screws and now the anchor was too close to the escape wheel. Correcting this via trial-and-error took the most time, but eventually I apparently did get it right, as when I finally put the linkage and pendulum back into place, chime rods still out, and started it, it started ticking with a metronome-like evenness. That was the magical moment. The chime rods then went back in and were screwed back into place, the back panel put back on, the weights and pendulum removed one last time, and the clock moved back to it's permanent spot before the weights and pendulum were reinstalled, the clock started, and then the waiting game of letting it run for awhile to adjust it, and I got to take a break. Eventually, I found out it was running a minute slow and so I took the pendulum back out and turned the adjusting screw up two complete revolutions to speed it up by a minute. Restarted it, and the clock has run perfectly for just over a day now, keeping still very, very good time. I'm keeping in touch with the great aunt now once a day to ask her if it's still going okay.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 20-Oct-2009, 09:11 PM

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Just finished having myself a Budweiser Select, and now having an O'Doul's before bed. Don't cane me for drinking such commercial stuff! I'm a beginning drinker and intend to stay a light drinker. As such, the big commercial lagers are what I'm getting used to.

A few weeks ago I did get myself nice and tipsy for the first time. It was Family Weekend at App. St. and dad and I had driven up to Boone for the game to watch with bro and his roommate. It sadly down-poured all day and we left before halftime. We later went to the Sagebrush Steakhouse and besides my food, I ordered two HUGE mugs of original Budweiser. I was really feeling it after the first one, and after the second one, my sense of balance and coordination was really deteriorating, but not my eyesight thankfully. I did manage to make it to the car without falling over. A little bit later than that, while still feeling it a lot, I was in brother's Jeep and he put on some music that I tried to sing to, but brother stopped me saying I now sounded like garbage trying to sing while under the influence. I of course did not drive ANY the rest of the day.

EDIT - After doing some checking, I figure I had around 50 oz. of beer that night. Still light I know to probably more than a few on here, but as heavy as I think I'll probably go in one sitting.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 20-Oct-2009, 06:59 PM

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Too bad public trains don't run through Murphy anymore, or I'd be able to visualize this a lot better. Still though, yeah he learned his lesson, in a way he never wants to experience again. laugh.gif
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 20-Oct-2009, 06:52 PM

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Don't know yet what the results were. I had the wires on my head, face, bands on my waist and stomach, and my legs. I slept very lightly and didn't need the CPAP any during the night. I could tell I didn't get any REM sleep though. I did bring a high-quality mechanical alarm clock with me and they let me set it near the bed to help the ticking aid me in sleep.

Had problems with the heart sensors and one of the chin sensors since even after I shaved, still quite a bit of peach fuzz on my chin, and I'm almost as hairy as a gorilla on the rest of my body, but those things stayed put in long enough stretches I believe for them to get enough good data.

The hardest part of the whole thing was staying awake all day until the study without any caffeine from coffee, tea, or soda. I really thought several times I wasn't gonna make it, especially during the 2 hour drive up to Asheville. Thanks to a combination of Metallica, Megadeth, and radio-played bluegrass, I made it to the sleep center without cat napping any.

Taking the sensors off was the most painful part of it, specifically the heart sensors and leg sensors, again because of my hairy body, and the sleep tech didn't have a trimmer with him to shave off the areas to put those sensors.

Finally climbed into the bed at around 10:15 I think, and after 15 minutes of sensor checks with me moving the various parts of my body, the tech turned off the lights and I was free to sleep and study started. The good thing was I was able to sleep on my sides if I wanted to. I was glad of that.

Like I said, I slept pretty light I thought, no dreams/REM sleep, and before I knew it, after the couple times the aforementioned sensors had to be reattached, the tech woke me up at 5:45 saying it was over and time to take the sensors off and get my shower in to wash the goop outta my hair. I finally got dressed I guess 6:05 or so and after hunting down a phonebook, I called mom's hotel room from one of the hall phones in the center to come and pick me up.

They said it might take up to three weeks for them to call me with the results. I hope it ain't that long. I really want to get back to sleeping normally so I can have the energy to really exercise and do the things I was enjoying before the chemo treatments started.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 15-Oct-2009, 07:50 AM

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This upcoming Sunday I have to drive back to Asheville and be at the Mission Sleep Center by 9:30 PM/21:30 for a sleep study to see if I have a sleeping disorder. This was ordered by my cardiologist as I've been gaining weight (20 lbs. since he last saw me) and I've been sleeping poorly for sometime, and I've been trying various things to improve it, but no success, and I still have to drink too much coffee to stay out of bed everyday.

Who in here has done this and knows how restricted you are when you're hooked up to the sensors in their bed?
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 07-Oct-2009, 05:36 PM

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Was clear and sunny all day today! biggrin.gif Still is with night coming up, and the stars starting to come out.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 06-Oct-2009, 04:56 PM

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I don't know you Gabby, but already you sound like my kind of person!

I'm no stranger to the hospital either, and despite it being almost 20 years ago when I was only about 6, know what it's like to become temporarily paralyzed when Guillon Barre almost took my mobility from me too. You're gonna make it through this and like somebody earlier said, be running down the halls of the hospital before they release you!

Thoughts and prayers from me too. Our Lord God and Father watches out for His children and those that put their trust in Him! wink.gif
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 06-Oct-2009, 03:28 PM

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Time to vote third party and force a multi-party system into our government! Or failing that, its time to raise the Rebel Flag and sound out the chorus of 'secession' again!
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 06-Oct-2009, 02:10 PM

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Only done it really once, in helping get brother's stuff back from college this last spring. Since bro fit most of his stuff in his Jeep Cherokee, most of what needed to be put on my truck was able to go behind the seats in the extended part of the cab.

Heavy loads meanwhile don't agree with my Ranger too. The rear axle is geared so high that most of the V6's real power has been neutered. If my dad buys it off me, swapping in a different rear axle with lower gearing is going to be his first priority.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 06-Oct-2009, 05:42 AM

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Not to mention the fact I'd probably have to accept all payment for any such work in cash only if I'm still on Medicaid. Patch you got any idea of how much your acquaintance pulled in a year doing it?

I believe I have the patience to at least try to learn. I'm right now in the middle of a week-or-more long study on how long the gingerbread clock can actually go before it stops and needs to be wound, and I had to fully shim and level up the anniversary clock myself, something that cannot be rushed one bit, before starting it after getting it back from the local clocksmith, so the patience needed I think I have.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 05-Oct-2009, 08:02 PM

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Forgot to mention another reason I want a CJ/Wrangler: I never use the pickup box.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 05-Oct-2009, 05:18 PM

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Another problem with it is its length and how I've got restricted movement in my neck. It's getting harder for me to avoid tight parking at work, and I'm wanting the shorter length of a Jeep Wrangler/CJ for ease of parking. Also, I wanna be able to ride with no top and no doors during the summer, besides the solid-axle 4WD for going off the beaten path. biggrin.gif
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 05-Oct-2009, 04:24 PM

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Sleet/Freezing Rain is the worst we get in my part of North Carolina. My brother though, who goes to college in Boone, NC at Appalachian State, tells me it ALWAYS snows, and snows a lot there, during the winter. Of course, Boone, NC is at double the elevation of my hometown. Boone sits roughly at 990m above seal level.

Anyway, getting cold in my Ranger is not a problem, as even though the vehicle is 16 years old, the heater will still run you out of it when you got it on max, even during the winter. Surprisingly, the air conditioning still works great in it as well, though I couldn't use it much this summer because the radiator needs to flushed and chemically cleaned as it developed a propensity to nearly overheat often this summer.
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 05-Oct-2009, 02:07 PM

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CD Claim
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 05-Oct-2009, 05:33 AM

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Mine won't be until Oct. 20, but I decided to go Premium anyway since it's only a measly $10. ^^
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 05-Oct-2009, 04:09 AM

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Hopefully the ladies knew to include the news article when they filed their claim, as proof that they didn't make it up! biggrin.gif
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Patriot1776 Posted on: 04-Oct-2009, 09:35 PM

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lol I knew it! Dang it me enjoying late night football so much! rolleyes.gif
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