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Posted: 28-Oct-2006, 05:03 PM
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Background: Like most Europeans, the Scots are a blend of races: Neolithic survivors mixed with Celtic "Pict", Britonic Celt incomers, Celtic "Scots" invaders from Ireland, Viking and Norse raiders and settlers, Norman and Flemish knights and even some few Angles in the south. All these joined to add their genes to this sturdy race of people. Until cures for Scurvy (vitamin deficiency) and Smallpox were discovered in the 18th century, the people's hardiness was ensured by the survival of the fittest. Like most Scots, all Campbells are a blend of races through maternal ancestry, although there were times from the 16th through the 18th centuries when, among some leading families in Argyll and Perthshire, they had grown so numerous as frequently to intermarry, intensifying their characteristics as a kin. Many also share the Scots Gaelic blood of the Dalriadic O'Duibne people whose heiress their ancestor married on Lochawe in the 13th century. Their paternal ancestry is apparently from the Britonic Celts of Strathclyde, sometimes called the "Romano British" from the northwestern part of the early "Kingdom of Strathclyde". The capital of Strathclyde was Al Cluit or DunBriton (now Dumbarton Rock) in the area known as the Lennox. According to legend, here in An Talla Dearg, the Red Hall of Dun Briton, was born the first ancestor of the Campbells who appears in all three of the early Gaelic genealogies; Smervie or Mervyn, son of an Arthur, who became known as "the Wildman of the Woods", perhaps being a notable hunter. If the legend is based upon a real character, he likely lived in the eleventh or twelfth century. However those names at that period can have absolutely no actual connection with the legendary Arthur, whose possible existence is said to have been many centuries earlier. The name Campbell did not come into use until several generations later.

Variations: Ballantyne, Bannatyne, Burnes, Burness, Burnett, Burns, Caddell, Cadell, Calder, Campbell, Cattell, Connochie, Conochie, Denoon, Denune, Donachie, Donaghy, Fisher, Harris, Hastings, Hawes, Haws, Hawson, Isaac, Isaacs, Iverson, Kellar, Keller, Kissack, Kissock, Lorne, Louden, Loudon, Loudoun, Lowden, Lowdon, MacCartair, MacCarter, MacClehose, MacConachie, MacConchie, MacConnechy, MacConochie, Maccoolm, MacCure, MacDermid, MAcDermont, MacDiarmid, MacDonachie, MacEllar, MacElvie, MacEur, MacEver, MacGibbon, MacGlasrich, MacGubbin, MacIsaac, MacIver, MacIvor, MacKellar, MacKelvie, MacKerlich, MacKerlie, MacKessack, MacKessock, MacKissock, MacKiver, MacLaws, MacLehose, MacLiver, MacNichol, MacNicol, MacNiven, MacNocaird, MacOnachie, Macoombe, MacOran, MacOran, MacOwen, MacPhedran, MacQuaker, MacTause, MacTavish, MacThomas, MacUre, MacVicar, Ochiltree, Orr, Paterson, Pinkerton, Taweson, Tawesson, Tawse, Thomas, Thomason, Thompson, Thomson, Torrie, Torry, Ure, Urie

More Info: http://heraldry.celticradio.net/search.php?id=54

Discussion of this family is welcomed.

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Posted: 21-Jan-2007, 02:51 PM
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I become confused when both this house and the house of MacGregor claim my family name of "Orr."

My family has been traced back to the area of Lochbridge, Ayrshire in the 1642 time frame. I assume that the area is around Kilburnie as I don't believe they walked too far to become married.

I have a hard time finding out what house acually controlled this area during this time frame.

Given that my first name is Gregary I am inclined to use MacGregor but for no good reason.

My maternal line is from both the "Stuart" and Stewart" spellings. That would be easier but perhaps not so correct.

Any help as to records during this 1600 era would be appreciated. If not just for interest.

I know that everyone wants to claim a family, but that does not make this all accurate. Some end up being taken in just for the same of claiming a tartan. Who's the real authority?

Thanks for the help.

[email protected]

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Posted: 07-Jul-2007, 03:29 PM
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My mother was a Campbell and my father was a Henderson. No wonder they divorced when we were young- conflict of heredity! The Henderson's were pipers and guards to the MacDonald house in Glencoe when In the early morning hours of 13 Feb 1619, men led by Captain Robert Campbell violated the hospitality of the MacDonalds of Glencoe by slaying (or causing to die of exposure) 78 men, women and children.

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Posted: 09-Oct-2011, 05:45 PM
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You may want to try this website http://www.rampantscotland.com/features/faq.htm

It has good information on the question of clans and tartans. It also has links to a clan map and to other websites that may be able to better answer your questions with lists of Septs to the Clans.

My family is Campbell and Stewart. Traditionally, you would go with your paternal side, but today we can choose.

Good luck in your hunt!

Alba Gu Brath!
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