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Posted by: CelticRadio 27-Feb-2017, 07:27 PM
Background: The Latin word Scotti was originally used to describe the Celts of Ireland. However the historian George Fraser Black notes in his Surnames of Scotland that the earliest certain record of the name was that of Uchtred 'Filius Scott', in a charter from around 1120, who bears a remarkably Saxon personal name if the family were truly of Celtic origin. In 1195 Henricus le Scotte witnessed a charter by David, Earl of Strathearn. At the beginning of the thirteenth century a Master Isaac Scotus witnessed charters by the Bishop of St Andrews. Michael Scott "the wizard" (1175 c.1232) was a real-life scholar and philosopher, whom Walter Scott described in The Lay of the Last Minstrel as "addicted to the abstruse studies of judicial astrology, alchemy, physiognomy, and chiromancy. Hence he passed among his contemporaries for a skilful magician". Four generations after Uchtred, Sir Richard Scott married the heiress of Murthockstone and in doing so acquired her estates. Sir Richard was appointed as the ranger of Ettrick Forest and this brought to him the additional lands of Rankilburn. The new laird built his residence at Buccleuch and the estates were generally known by this name.

Variations: Scott, Scotti, Buccleuch, Geddes, Laidlaw, Langlangs.

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