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Love the list
Posted by celticwoodsman on Sep 13th, 2004 4:17 PM
Samhain; Sunset, October 31 to sunrise, November 1
Other names: Calan Gaeaf, Halloween, All Hallows Eve
Life events celebrated: Death to Impregnation
Other information: Feast of the Dead and New Year's celebration

Yule; Sunset, longest night to following sunset
Other names: An Fheill-Shlinnein, Alban Arthan, Giula or Geola
Life events celebrated: Birth
Other information: Rebirth of the sun

Imbolc; Sunset, February 1 to sunset, February 2
Other names: Candlemas, Oimelc, Brigid, Lupercalia
Life events celebrated: Childhood
Other information: Mid-winter festival

Eostre; Sunset of vernal equinox to the following sunset
Other names: Lady Day, Co-Thad-Thrath, Alban Eilir, Ostara
Life events celebrated: Puberty
Other information: First fertility festival for Spring planting.

Bealtaine, April 30 to Sunset, May 1
Other names: Bel-tuinn, Walpurgisnacht, May Eve, Cyntefyn, Roodmass,
Life events celebrated: First sexual union
Other information: Major fertility and purification festival
Leitha; Sunset, shortest night to following day sunset
Other names: Grian-Stad, Alban Hefin, Midsummer
Life events celebrated: Maturity and strength
Other information: Celebration of strength, agility, etc.,

Lammas; Sunset, July 31 to Sunset, August 1
Other names: Lughnasadh, August Eve
Life events celebrated: Middle age
Other information: Major fire festival.

Mabon; Sunset, autumn equinox to following sunset
Other names: Harvestide, Alban Elfed, Harvest Home
Life events celebrated: Old Age
Other information: First harvest festival

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