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Posted by: Montie, druid at heart 06-May-2010, 06:06 AM
I found a trap online from a guy that lures the carpender bees in and they can't get out. I ordered 2, $20 each plus $12 shipping. They work! I've built 6 more myself, and they work also, and plan on building more for around the barn and PV system. I used to try to spray them with bug spray, smack them with wood sticks (fun but not real productive) but this way works without me being there and I like the idea of no chemicals.

Posted by: englishmix 06-May-2010, 11:06 AM
I had bought this special plastic jar at the local hardware store, which you fill about 1/4 full of sugar water and hang under your eaves. Bugs, wasps, honets, etc fly in and cannot get out. Works like a charm, and only cost about $5.
It is eco-friendly (b.s. term) - depending upon one's perspective.

Glad to see you began to make your own after paying $30!

Posted by: flora 02-Jul-2010, 11:54 AM
If you get those pesky fruit flies in your house (which always happens here in Florida), fill a small glass half full with apple cider vinegar. Cover with plastic wrap and punch small holes (remember the size of the fly) in the wrap. Flies get in but can't get out and eventully drown or die.


Posted by: BlasterSponge 11-Jul-2017, 07:59 PM
I have one of those boxes too with a jar on the bottom. I guess I should try adding sugar water or something sweet to the inside. I rarely see anything in there. Strangely, I have not seen carpenter bees in their usual spots this year. Does lots of rainfall have an impact on their living spots?

Usually, I take care of most of them each year with a large plastic bottle of some sort. The best bottles I have had were used, 5-quart oil jugs. The wider the surface area, the greater the chances of getting a successful connection when you swing at those curious pests. Then, be sure to watch where they fall so you can quickly finish the job with a few stomps and foot mashes. This is the funnest method and brings back memories of playing baseball, especially going for that grand-slam.

If you run out of carpenter bees, don't forget that wasps and hornets love to play too. Don't be bashful.

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