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davlcam Posted on: 08-Apr-2009, 01:51 PM

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QUOTE (Taliesin @ 08-Apr-2009, 12:01 PM)
This game does not guarantee anyone a peaceful existence.  If you end up at the top, and someone else wants to be there, and is willing to put their troops where their mouth is, then get ready for an assault.  lol

One of the things I like about this game.  smile.gif

Lets think about this for a bit...

Morgana probably doesn't have much of an army, or much of an infrastructure. She was relatively inactive, and very low on the scoreboard, well below the top 50. What she does have is a buttload of unemployeed workers. Yet, because this number is so insanely out of wack, and because worker count is the primary factor in determining score, she is thousands of points ahead of anyone.

Now, at this point, any of us with a decent army could attack her, and litterally wipe out her Kingdom, destroy her armies, eliminate her infrastructre, and guess what. She'd still be #1. No army, no buildings, but at the top of the leader board. Not only that, but because her score is so high, she cant retaliate. She cant attack anyone because of the restrictions in place based on score. So she literally is an absolute sitting duck.

Most of us now realize that at some point Workers are just not worth it. Training costs become extreemly prohibitive after a certain point, as the cost to train them is more that the benefit of the resources that they would generate. This number is debatable, but personally I wouldnt want much more than say 1,200 workers. Maybe less. The second factor is that too many workers keep you from being able to attack people below you. Look at MacD. This guy has around 680 workers, but he is able to maintain one of the strongest armies in the game. And he knows that by keeping his score low, people with armies big enough to hurt him can't do it because they have around 1000 more workers than he does.

So because of this, no one who wants to be able to fight/ engage in battles, is going to send Slavers after Morgana. Slavers aren't really cost effective (its cheaper to buy than to steal) until you are at around 800 or so. This too is a second disincentive for stealing workers from Morgana. So I think we should all get comfortable with the idea that Morgana will be Queen for a looong time, unless someone else wants to become the next puppet Monarch by following my new guide to MK Royalty below:

Want to be King or Queen of CR.? Here is how to do it. Get a small # of workers. Put them all in gold mines. Log in once a week. Build Mines, lots and lots! Dont waste your time with armies. Stay under the radar. If you dont appear to be a threat, no one will attack you. Go on an extended vacation. Come back after a month, and put all your gold into recruitment. One click and BAM, King of CR.
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davlcam Posted on: 07-Apr-2009, 03:46 PM

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She's actually not paying them yet, she just paid some Recruiter in HR some insane amount of gold to recruit everyone laid off from GM, and all those laid off Investment Bankers from Wall Street. Now they are all sitting around with their thumbs placed in cavities best left unmentioned. But then those Wall Street guys are good at that.

I'm not too sure that she helped out any economy. Looks to me like she just broke her Kingdom currency, because she's going to have to put almost all of them on the dole. Massive Inflationary Spiral soon to ensue. I'd bet that currently her Kingdom unemployment rate is roughly 98%... We thought we had it bad! (Remember, she has to actually employ all of those workers!)

Now the French Revoulution had an estimated 30% or so unemployment rate, but thats a guess as they really didnt have good data, but still, a lot of people unable to make $ = a bad day in Denver.

There's gotta be blood in the streets in the Kingdom of Morgana. Hope you keep your head on your shoulders.... giljotiini.gif

Not a good time to be a Queen perhaps...
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davlcam Posted on: 07-Apr-2009, 03:24 PM

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Congratulations to the new Queen Morgana_l_f!

Who In a single bold stroke climbed from the low 80's to number one in a single dramatic and stunning accomplishment of recruiting 45,000+ Workers! thumbs_up.gif Proving once and for all that you can have no clue as to how the game works and still jump right to the top with a single click of a button! sad.gif

Well Played. You probably had no idea what you were doing, so the cynicism is not directed at you. And if you did, well my hats off to you for you have proven once and for all that the Worker problem needs to be fixed.

Now, for those of you who still want to defend the current Worker rating system, and still want to insist that there should be no way to get rid of excess workers, or to continue to insist that the worker recruitment option is not hopelessly broken, please feel free to waste your words in response. 1eye.gif

Dont know about you all, but for me these 'Pretenders' to the Throne are demoralizing. You shouldnt be able to get to be King of CR from a mistake. Hopefully we will get a Reset soon!
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davlcam Posted on: 06-Apr-2009, 07:42 PM

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Here is a bit of Cameron trivia.

The name origin is a combination of two Scotts Gaelic words: Cam, and Shron.

Cam is interpreted to mean bent, or crooked, and Shron means nose. Thus the Camerons are named with regard to having a crooked nose! Because of this, there is some speculation that this particular feature must have been attributed with Donald Dubh, and the members of his immediate family.

So all you folks thinking of naming your daughters 'Cameron' should think twice, lest the meaning of the name actually befall the unfortunate girl!

David 'crooked nose' Cameron....
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davlcam Posted on: 31-Mar-2009, 10:37 AM

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Sorry about my tardy reply. I spend most of my time over in the Medieval Kingdom game, as my fellow Kin mates can attest. I see several of their names in the welcoming posts. Glad to be here.

Best wishes to all!


(Otherwise known as Lochaber, who for some odd reason refers to himself as a "Son of the Hound" because he has a taste for history and goofiness combined in one go!)

Really looking forward to being able to edit my posts. Woo hoo, no more goofy spelling errors!

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davlcam Posted on: 27-Mar-2009, 12:08 PM

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Just an FYI, looks like there has been some loss to statistic bonuses for Generals, as well as about 10 hours or so of 0 resource production related to the latest server downtimes. sad.gif

Not sure if it is serious enough to warrant a reset to previous levels, hope that the rest of the community will sound off on any problems they see.
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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 08:26 PM

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Whoops, didnt read the fine print. I am disqualified because I already won the premium ticket, for which i am grateful.

So I gladly give up my T shirt to the lucky third poster.

Thanks Paul for all of the fun!

thumbs_up.gif thumbs_up.gif thumbs_up.gif
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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 08:23 PM

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I would very much like the item being offered.

Thanks for the work and dedication you have to the site and to the music.

I am posting a bit more because I dont want my Resource score to drop!

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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 08:13 PM

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Thats Funny Robert,

I would immagine they take a lot out of you. Here's to you and your grandkids!

And as far as the note on getting back to MK to do a bit of work on it...

All I can say is

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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 08:07 PM

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I just realized that all these short posts are going to tank my resource gathering score in MK!

Hmm, thats not good. I guess I need to have a cut and paste reply ready to go, otherwise my resource collection will be at zero.

Hopefully this post wont detract. unsure.gif

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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 08:04 PM

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Now i mean it this time!

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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 08:02 PM

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Missed it by .....lamo.gif
That much

Congrats Lady of Avalon!
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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 08:00 PM

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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 07:50 PM

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Thanks ladies,

I was over on MK posting with Svan... so I didnt see the announcement, or the round of congrats.

Thanks also to Svanhildur for the heads up.

Now I wont be the only MacInnes who doesn't have his act together with a premium account!

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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 07:36 PM

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Hopefully CR will be generous, and send you one as well! Its about time i took the plunge and upgraded. Looking forward to being able to edit my posts!!!

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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 07:33 PM

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Hmmmm, Harlot, did you jump the gun???? gunsmilie.gif
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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 07:30 PM

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Me Please
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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 07:26 PM

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Hi Val

I was trying to find a smiley with a dog, (for your quotes) but all I found was this pooh.gif

Not very good, but funny!

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davlcam Posted on: 20-Mar-2009, 07:21 PM

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tongue.gif Hello yourself, double pumper. laugh.gif
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davlcam Posted on: 18-Mar-2009, 03:22 PM

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Aye, Son of Duncan,

T'was my pleasure to exchange hammer blows with ye... bash.gif

You've blooded my Sons of the Hound quite well. They will stitch onto their war banners a badge or two from our recent clash of arms.

Until we face each other again on the field of battle,

Slainte! beer_mug.gif

"Fear the axe of Lochaber- for the Sons of the Hound shall have their due portion of flesh."
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davlcam Posted on: 13-Mar-2009, 07:09 PM

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My Lady of Avalon,

(Who may herself be the once and future Queen)

The way I see it, the disaster is in wasting all that gold on unwanted workers.

But as it stands now, if you screw up and pull too many workers, or say you attack someone with slavers to try to hurt their score, you are stuck with workers you cant shuck off, which automatically raise your score.

With the level caps on who you can attack, this essentially can boost you to a level where you cant really do much, because your score is too high to attack anyone, as you are well aware, having experiences this yourself.

As it stands now I wont ever send slavers on an attack, because I don't want the workers. It doesn't mean I don't want to capture the workers from my enemy, I just don't want to keep them as it will artificially boost my score. Thus we have another troop type that has become somewhat worthless, like the Knight. (Not as bad but still not very useful.)

I don't think one mistake should ruin the game, or force a start over, for any player. Games that do this in my opinion are flawed. djam really has no viable alternative but to cancel his account and start over if he ever wants to contribute in battles, which is really unfortunate in that he would probably play more, and enjoy the game more, if he could simply dump some workers. After all, the game is about having some fun, not being penalized ruthlessly for a mistake of ignorance. And he is not the only one stuck with this problem.
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davlcam Posted on: 13-Mar-2009, 04:12 PM

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The most urgent thing that needs to be fixed, and one that I think would be quite simple to fix, is to add a button on the Workers page that allows you to "release" workers that you don't need / cant use.

This is causing quite a bit of consternation among players. Excessive recruitment is bumping people out of contention range for fighting.

If you want to be the King, - increase in rank, go for workers, but if you want to be able to fight, you need to be able to dump them.

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davlcam Posted on: 10-Mar-2009, 10:47 PM

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QUOTE (englishmix @ 09-Mar-2009, 06:11 PM)

The clans - especially the larger ones - do seem very relational and supportive, but alas, one misses the ancient cause of most glorious warfare - the pillaging or ravaging of another's daughter or wife - especially those of royal vintage!

Ok wait, did I read you right on this?

Lets introduce rape as a game aspect of MK?

Call me a prude but even in a game forum rape is not an attractive topic.

And I know your probably just messing with themes and such, but I could see how this suggestion might be taken as offensive.

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davlcam Posted on: 10-Mar-2009, 10:30 PM

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QUOTE (Lady-of-Avalon @ 10-Mar-2009, 08:40 PM)
My lords,

Please you are not making it easy for me at all...I understand your pledge of honor and fealthy to me and admire your warriors courage but what must I do in order to relinquish the throne to another who might wish to rule???

I might call it treason then if any of you cannot obey their so called beloved Queen call and it is also known that barons even though with powers can loose their heads when accused of treason bag.gif

Maybe I should have some heads on pikes to decorate the crenallated walls of my castle.

Lady of Avalon

Walk away from the game, from the forums, from everything MK related, for ten days. Take a vacation from MK. When you return, I'm pretty sure someone will have surpassed you, relatively peacefully. No bad blood or hard feelings.

However, If you want to go out in a fiery blaze of glory, that could be fun to.

So when you chose to wipe me out, or any of your former clan members, send a message that has a simile face on it!

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davlcam Posted on: 10-Mar-2009, 07:05 PM

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It is a burden paid due from a legacy of gentility and the fruit of a noble heart, such that those who were happy in their subservience must by forced circumstance from that once benevolent hand be called out to strike at one whom they loved as Queen.

Those who are now in a position to claim the throne were perhaps your most faithful defenders. How can those who pledged support relenquish their vows and turn upon you, and strike at you with a gland hand and fiery heart? And should another claim the crown, who among your clan could stomach the sting.

In time, surely someone's resources and army count will exceed yours, but do not expect MacInnes to raise any army against you! Our hearts are broken enough as it is. Time, my Lady, will grant you your wish. Do not seek the sword to hasten the inevitable, for you do more harm to the valor of lord that attacks you than you may know.


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