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Posted by: Symm 16-Aug-2015, 01:09 PM
Merry met, and i hope to see replies from people who might be able to help piece together this crazy puzzle of mine. I have already seen a few comments from Reids of the Robertson clan on this section of the forum. To them i say hello right away, as we are likely related through my mothers side, being as the Reids are a sept of Robertson as i was told by my mother.

Her Father was a Crawford. So any crawfords out there?

On my mothers side are the last names:

Reid, Crawford, Lougheed (somehow...) and Gold/Martin via a step father. Some native in there from a few generations back as well. Maybe my native great granny was the lougheed influence...?

Middle names: My mother and my sisters carry the names Gayle, and Fay Anne in their respective allocations. Mom is Gayle. Fay anne is referring to an old aunt or someone on her side.

As for me, i get John from my mom's side.

Murray is a middle name i get from my fathers side as i understand, and MacKay is my fathers as well.

My fathers side has some Ukrainian influence from my grandmothers side.

My first name, Steven is also from my fathers side. My mother did mention that i was almost named a few other things, but gladly, she didn't get a chance. Maybe lucky...

Was almost named Archie or Arbuckle.

Anyways, i hope to hear from you all. Possible family the most of course, but all replies are welcome.

To help get the ball rolling on relations. Apparently Peter Lougheed of Alberta, (Yes the MP in Canadian Politics) Is an Uncle of mine, and the Town of Lougheed in Alberta is also directly namesaked for Lougheed as well as i understand. Again, still not sure why we are related directly to Lougheed, but there it is.

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