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82farmerandthedell Posted on: 28-Feb-2012, 07:04 PM

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QUOTE (Patch @ 01-Feb-2012, 08:27 PM)
400 hp and get 100 mpg,


OOOps! I guess I don't know the correct way to get it to quote only the part I wanted too, I'll try and see if it does this time!
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82farmerandthedell Posted on: 28-Feb-2012, 06:58 PM

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QUOTE (Patch @ 01-Feb-2012, 08:27 PM)
Several years ago there was an individual who had entered a national competition to produce the "best milage vehicle." I believe the prize was 1 M dollars. He withdrew his entry, which was supposed to produce 400 hp and get 100 mpg, when he had to explain how it was done. He claimed he had not patented the engine yet and had to protect his invention. These hp/mpg numbers are approximate as it appeared to be a fraud and I did not save the info. My community was considering backing him though fortunately "someone" questioned him publicly and made him mad. He went elsewhere and all who invested lost money. From what we learned later, he only considered the gasoline it consumed, not the voluminous amounts of more expensive ethanol. Actually with a few modifications all engines can run on ethanol. The price of ethanol and the need to subsidize it with tax dollars prevents it's wide spread use. Also all gasoline today must contain 10% ethanol and since the subsidy ended 12/31/11 that to has caused prices to increase at the pumps.



[QUOTE] Yes of course if a vehicle if a vehicle is efficient enough to make that much power, or has big enough of an engine to have that much you will get good mileage as long as the vehicle is small and light weight enough to only 'breath' on the pedal to make it get going freeway speed, the problem is controlling all the extra power, not all can do this. I once had an old 1/2 ton truck, though I doubt it could have carried that much as it weighed maybe half of what most of it's vintage did, with a 440 cubic inch displacement engine in it, I controlled the speed more often with the brake than the accelerator, but it often got 40 miles per gallon despite of it usually running too rich!
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82farmerandthedell Posted on: 27-Jan-2012, 11:46 AM

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A vet once told me that if you have one fertile female cat, and all of her descendants survive, in just a few years you will have 100 cats! sad.gif

The best cat I have is one who we couldn't give away because nobody wanted a cat with allergies,,,,we named him Spitty! biggrin.gif
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82farmerandthedell Posted on: 27-Jan-2012, 11:39 AM

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At my mother's place she had feral cats move in under her house years back, we spayed/neutered and found homes for as many as possible, but I still have around 10 of them! They have kept down the field mice pretty good though! I have two dogs I got from a shelter, I really love those two!
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82farmerandthedell Posted on: 27-Jan-2012, 11:04 AM

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I've plenty of round river rocks,[B] I first got after them with hopes of making stone fences by making a form out of lumber to hold them till the mortar sets,[I] but ended up mostly using them as stone mulch to conserve moisture.

Last few winters have been mostly poor weather for collecting the rocks but I keep up with it what I can and squeeze some time at the task in the spring among my other chores.

As my place is with an old un-reclaimed gravel pit on it, I shall never run out of rock!
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82farmerandthedell Posted on: 27-Jan-2012, 10:52 AM

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The only New Years Resolution I ever remember keeping? The one I made to never again make a New Years Resolution! sad.gif

I decided why make promises I can never keep, not sure why those New Years ones were so hard for me to come through on, but am glad I'm broke of the habit of them! laugh.gif
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82farmerandthedell Posted on: 27-Jan-2012, 10:44 AM

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Raw-fried Spuds, simply grated raw potatoes fried preferably in a cast-iron skillet with olive oil (and maybe a bit of butter) and your choice of seasonings till well done, then topped with cat-sup, gravy, or cheese.
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82farmerandthedell Posted on: 26-Jan-2012, 11:17 AM

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All we ever hear are excuses for the prices, no excuses for why the fuel consumption hasn't been limited more by the technological advances we have had for years and years, in fact, we are not even getting as good of mileage again yet as we were before since the invention of having bigger intake valves than exhaust valves to get power up enough to get cars going faster on the "new" paved roads!

The only vehicles ever made that could match the mileage of the early auto's with valves the same size while having them off-set for extra power (that would seat a full-size person) have been hot rods in which a old rig was made over with an over-powered engine being planted into the engine compartment, why doesn't someone make a hybrid of the hot-rods by putting the bigger engine in with same size valves to make it go just right instead of going from too slow to to fast?
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