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Oh well...
Posted by Nightchild on Jul 12th, 2005 4:14 AM
I passed most of this weekend to listening to the audiofiles of my class in which I had to write a test today... Do I have to mention that it didn't go well? I just can't remember names. It seems almost impossible to me. How should I remember what someone has done without being able to remember the name properly???
Anyway, I just hope, that I knew enough to pass. That's all I need.

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Posted by Nightchild on Jul 5th, 2005 3:48 AM
It's been only yesterday that I registered here. But I am really impressed. At first I only thought this was some kind of radio but now, that I'm sitting in university and using my lesson off to browse this site I find more and more thing's I wouldn't have expected here.
The first thing was the zodiac mentioned in the posting I saw after posting my introduction to the forum. It feels great to have my celtic tree standing there instead of some sign of cancer.
I found people talking about Gaelic, which I really love although I must admit that I probably don't even understand one single word. And even people talking about Scottish Gaelic which is so hard to find online!
Such a great describtion of the tree zodiac. I'm just reading and going wow all the time.
I guess although I already have a journal and a real paper diary I might come and write here from time to time. And maybe just for the practice of writing English now and then...
It's just amazing...

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