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Posted by: CelticRadio 08-Jun-2019, 08:53 PM
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Scotland 1306, Robert the Bruce (Angus Macfadyen: Braveheart) crowns himself King and takes the ambition of Scotlandís freedom as his own. But he cannot overcome Englandís power: defeated again and again, his army is scattered and Scotlandís nobility abandons him. Hunted, with a price on his head, he finds himself alone and wounded. The cause of freedom seems lost once more.

Hidden secretly in a secluded croft of a clan pledged to England, and close to death Robert is nursed back to life by a young widow and her orphaned children. His determination to do what is right, regardless of the cost, reinvigorates his passion to rise again. But itís not revenge he desires. Itís freedom. Now.

Also starring Daniel Portman (Game of Thrones) Anna Hutchinson (Cabin in the Woods), Jared Harris (The Crown), Zach McGowan (Black Sails, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous), Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Emma Kenney (Shameless) and featuring original music from Scottish national treasure, Lulu.

Posted by: WallaceGal 09-Jun-2019, 05:24 AM
Can't wait! I'm really hoping the history is well done.

Posted by: CelticRadio 09-Jun-2019, 06:11 AM
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This is on the heels of Outlaw King which I think they did a great job with that movie. I get the sense the budget for this movie is not as big as Out Law King - but I am hoping the story and acting will surpass Out Law King.

Just realized that Angus Macfadyen who played Robert the Bruce in the original Braveheart movie, returns to claim his part which is really nice spin to this movie. Looking forward to it.

Just have not heard about how to watch in the U.S. This is being released in the UK. Anyone know how we can watch in the U.S. please post here. Thanks!

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