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Reminiscent of Bygone Days
Posted by cori on Nov 18th, 2004 12:28 PM
I think we all have those funny stories we remember from when we were little. My sis and I were talking just the other day about one of them.

Cori1312: Hey madam
colenissie: howdy
Cori1312: working on your scrapbook?
colenissie: sort of. ordering prints.
colenissie: smile.gif
Cori1312: oh
colenissie: did you find any pictures of TJ?
Cori1312: yeah
colenissie: Who called last night at 8? Do you know?
Cori1312: it was probably mom
Cori1312: oh yeah she wanted to talk to CR
colenissie: oh well heís sleeping right now, but I will have him call her when he gets up
Cori1312: she's out right now
Cori1312: breakfast with dad
colenissie: well donít let her get rid of that china cabinet if you arenít already asking about it.
Cori1312: oh please she'd never get rid of that thing
Cori1312: it takes up too much space
Cori1312: wink.gif
colenissie: lol
Cori1312: biggrin.gif
colenissie: Well, I didn't know but if she ever mentions getting rid of it...donít let her. lol
Cori1312: ok
colenissie: Yes, I think in some far off way CR must be related to Mom somehow. lol
Cori1312: haha!!
colenissie: that cabinet and I have butted heads. lol
Cori1312: you're very close, is that it?
colenissie: no, the top of that thing fell on my head when I was little...grrr..>:o
Cori1312: O:) oh, really?
colenissie: yep.
colenissie: donít you remember that?
Cori1312: I was kinda young.
colenissie: thatís why the glass was out of it for so long. I climbed up to look on the top of it over that decorative edge and was tippy toeing the edge and grabbed on the top. the top tipped over and caught it edge on the corner of the table. it hit me in the head and the glass shattered and it broke some of those old green stemware was in Virginia
Cori1312: oh I've heard the story. mom told you something wasn't up there. you didn't believe her...
colenissie: Donít let her get rid of that green stemware either...all three cups. lol
Cori1312: she wont'
Cori1312: and there are four cups
colenissie: and I was right not to believe because it was there, but I still shouldnít have climbed the cabinet
Cori1312: There's an Irish proverb that says, there are two versions of every story, and at least twelve versions of every song.
colenissie: lol. yeah really.
colenissie: Did you see the pics that I got or did mom send them?
Cori1312: yes
colenissie: Iím going to have that one of you and I on the couch blown up. Did you want copies of any of them?
Cori1312: you and me on the couch?
colenissie: Yes,
colenissie: You had on one slipper and one shoe and you were holding a little blue purse...I think I had a sunburn
Cori1312: oh yes
colenissie: I loved the shoes...wink.gif
colenissie: not picking. just thought it was cute
Cori1312: I like the one of the three of us sitting on the little table in James's room
Cori1312: biggrin.gif hehehe
colenissie: oh yeah I think I was yawning or something...
colenissie: it was terrible. lol
Cori1312: oh I just found this on a website. It's an Irish Christmas blessing
Cori1312: The light of the Christmas star to you
The warmth of home and hearth to you
The cheer and good will of friends to you
The hope of a childlike heart to you
The joy of a thousand angels to you
The love of the Son and God's peace to you.
colenissie: cool
colenissie: oh thatís pretty.
colenissie: so did you say you did or didnít want any copies of those pics?
Cori1312: nah Iíve got them here
colenissie: whereíd you go?
Cori1312: still here
colenissie: oh ok...
Cori1312: Iím just entranced with a website
colenissie: oh I see. Well cut that out. lol
Cori1312: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
Cori1312: copy and paste and youíll see what has grabbed my attention
Cori1312: you there?
Cori1312: Helloooo???
colenissie: hold on
colenissie: Good grief
Cori1312: what?
Cori1312: didn't it work?
colenissie: lol. Yeah, it worked.
Cori1312: My favorite song is Rise and Follow Charlie
Cori1312: *sigh*
Cori1312: Cara has that CD. I am going to ask her to lend it to me.
Cori1312: She has it memorized anyway. She could let it go long enough for me to memorize it too. wink.gif
colenissie: yes. I follow Charlie
colenissie: lol
(Her husbandís name is CR, for Charles Richard.)
Cori1312: lol, no this is Bonnie Prince Charlie
colenissie: I said. I follow Charlie everyday smile.gif
Cori1312: Your bonnie prince, right?
Cori1312: wink.gif
colenissie: yep! knight in shining car
colenissie: lol
Cori1312: LOL!!!
Cori1312: I am still a lady in waiting.
colenissie: good girl!!!!!
Cori1312: Mom and Dad are back
colenissie: yes and my bonnie prince just woke up.
colenissie: I need to get going...
Cori1312: ok well, maybe Iíll call you later
colenissie: oh ok.. I was just fixing to say the same
colenissie: well talk to you later then. Love you smile.gif
Cori1312: ok bye

Aren't families fun? smile.gif

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