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Down time
Posted by cori on Nov 12th, 2004 1:56 PM
Everyone is out right now, so I thought Iíd sneak a few minutes online. Today is such a lovely day. Though I suppose most of ye wouldnít think so, for it is raining today. But I love the rain. It makes the world so refreshing and cool. This is a perfect November afternoon.

I have been in the kitchen all morning. I love to bake. I think I am on my fourth batch of cookies. Normally I donít bake this much at once, just a cake or brownies, but I am baking for a friend of mine who moved to Texas last year. He lives with six other guys in a sort of dorm. Since he doesnít get very many homemade goodies, I like to make some once in a while for him. I havenít in a long time.

Well, Christmas is on the way already. I have been working at presents since September. This year, my family decided to do only gifts that are homemade, which is ok for me because I like to make things; quilts, clothes, crosstitch pictures and crocheted shawls. However, as I said, I have been at it since early September and I will probably still be at it until the 23rd of December. My mother insisted that I put some of myÖ *sniffs the air* ÖCOOKIES!!!

Ok, back again. I hate when that happens. Anyway, I was saying that my mom wants me to put my cookies in the freezer until Christmas comes around. That way, we wonít have to make any then. Thatís what she says. What she means is that she doesnít want them around tempting her. They wonít last till Christmas anyway. I mean, itís way too easy to reach in the freezer, grab a couple cookies and eat them with hot cocoa. Sinful, arenít we? smile.gif

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