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The Royal Ancestry of Dr. Thomas Graeme
Posted by GraemePark on Feb 13th, 2009 1:25 PM
We recently received an email from Australia from a descendant of Dr. Graeme’s sister Helen. An exchange of information ensued and we ended up with Dr. Graeme’s entire lineage, which traces back to Robert III and James I of Scotland.

Robert (c. 1340-1406) ruled Scotland from 1390-1406 and married Annabella Drummond in 1367. Among Robert’s children were James, his only surviving son who would later inherit the throne of Scotland, and Princess Mary, who took Sir William Graham as her third husband.

The third son of Sir William and Princess Mary was William of Garvock, who received his lands in Garvock around 1473 from his uncle, now King James I, for his faithful military service. William of Garvock’s great-great-great grandson was John Graham, who obtained lands in Balgowan on April 4, 1584, making him the first of the Balgowan Grahams.

John’s son, also named John, did not have a legitimate heir, but he did have a son, again named John, by his mistress Agnes Graham—he was Dr. Graeme’s grandfather and the 3rd Laird (Lord) of Balgowan. John had Letters of Legitimization under the Great Seal, which were issued by the Chancery in the King’s name, and allowed him to inherit his father’s land and title.

Among John’s children were Thomas Graham, 4th Laird of Balgowan, the father of our Dr. Thomas Graeme. Dr. Graeme’s father was married twice, first to Anne Drummond, who was the mother of his 16 children, and second to Christian. Dr. Graeme’s eldest brother, John, inherited the estate and the title of 5th Laird of Balgowan. Other brothers included James, another Thomas, who was born in 1679 and died young, David, Robert, George, our Dr. Thomas Graeme, William, and Patrick, who was often referred to as Peter by the family. Dr. Graeme’s sisters were Lillias, Helen, who died young, Anna, Helen Graham Whitson of Parkhill, who is the ancestor of our Australian correspondent, Christian, Margaret, and Elizabeth.

Genealogy information from the following resources: and

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The Celtic Heritage of Graeme Park
Posted by GraemePark on Feb 13th, 2009 1:23 PM
The 18th century owners of Graeme Park were of Scottish descent. Sir William Keith, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania from 1717 to 1726 was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland at Boddam Castle. Keith acquired 1,700 acres in Horsham and intended to establish a malt manufacturing operation on his estate. His step-son-in-law, Dr. Thomas Graeme, of Balgowan Scotland, purchased the property in 1738 and used it as the family’s country seat. Dr. Graeme was one of the founders of the St. Andrew’s Society in Philadelphia and served as its first president. Graeme’s daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Henry Hugh Fergusson, a Scottish immigrant, inherited the home after his death. She remained at Graeme Park until 1795.

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