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Posted by: Highlander Radio 01-Feb-2002, 06:08 AM
We have just completed a reorganization of our request pages. Rather than trying to fit all of the artist?s song and album information on 75% of the screen, we have expanded the request pages to fit the entire screen. Along with a few tweaks to the fonts, we think you will agree that browsing our entire music database will now be a whole lot more enjoyable!

Posted by: Cabbagehome 12-Mar-2002, 08:28 AM
Ok how do I get a request to play?  I click play, up pops a window saying my request will be played in it's turn. I closed the window, 2 hour later and it has not played yet.

Posted by: scottish2 12-Mar-2002, 09:36 AM
You sure you got the right song? I assume being you got the pop up window saying it was successful (It did say successful correct?) that you hit the Play link to the right of your song in the list. But could be just a lot of requests but unusual for the song to take over 2 hours unless a lot of requests. There are 30 users online and I think the limit is 3 requests per user at a time so if all 30 choose 3 songs that's 90 songs but I doubt all 30 requested songs so all I can suggest is to stay tuned it might still in in the que to play.

Sorry can't help more but the station is Paul's site alone so not sure if there is a problem or not and he's away for a couple more weeks. I know it was working fine 2 days ago when I tuned in so most likely  just a backlog of songs this morning.

Posted by: Macfive 25-Mar-2002, 12:24 PM
It would be very unusual for a request to take 2 hours to play. Let me explain how the requests work.

When you make a request our Highland Radio computer is contacted directly and the requested song is placed in the bottom of the queue.

The queue has anywhere from 2-15 tracks of varation durations. So, usually, depending on the number of tracks in the queue, the song will play anywhere from 5- to as much as 45 minutues.

Unless on the chance that the track is loaded with 15 songs and we receive an unusually heavy request period. Some songs we have can be very long, like the Fenians Drunken Sailor is 12 mins, Lorenna McKennit's Highway man is like 15 mins! So it is very possible that if you hit it at the wrong time, there could be a long wait.

This should not be the norm though. If this happens repeatedly let me know. In most cases it should only take no more than 30 mins. If it is turning out not to be the case, we can change things so the song goes to the top of the queue and will only take 3-5 mins to play.

Let me know!

Posted by: Cabbagehome 26-Mar-2002, 09:24 PM
:p I've not had any problem, since that one time. Mayhaps I did something wrong.  :B  I'm sure putting a request on top, could upset people who put a request in berfore you. If it ain't broke, don't tempt fate by (fixing) it.  I couldn't stand for you to be down for days again.

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