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> Psionics, Empathy, Psiballs, Kinetics, its possibl
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Posted: 26-Feb-2008, 10:52 PM
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Now before you all go calling me a daft little boy for believing such pish-posh I urge you to look at the Science of it, yeah, this is COMPLETLY Possible and can be proved using Quantum Physics, heres a bit of the Science:

Relative Energy Theory

Understanding the principles of subatomic energy, we can look further into various theories that, to many, seem as farfetched as saying that Santa Clause exists and really does deliver presents to all the boys and girls of the world in a single night. Things such as time travel and even multiple dimensions and universes may possibly exist.
Subatomic matter, also called Quantum Mechanics or "Quanta" for short, is extremely difficult and frustrating for researchers of such intricacies in our world and universe that we cannot completely comprehend nor study it with our current technology.
The issue involved with studying quanta particles? They exist in all phases at once and seem to always take or "Choose" a phase to be in when being observed. One could study a quanta particle for hours and hours and see the same thing and study the same result, but then look away for just a moment to sneeze and look back upon this matter, and it's phase seems to have completely changed as well as it's matter of behavior.
Understanding this fact that quantum energy is constantly in all phases possible and that these particles make up all forms of matter and anything that has mass, including air, then there's nothing that really separates one person from another no matter how distant they are from each other on this planet. Also concluding that there is also nothing keeping you separate from a perfectly rounded pencil on your computer desk right now. There's nothing detaching your mind from the pencil and since your cells, the air and the pencil are basically the same thing, subatomic energy and quantum particles, you should also be able to perform acts such as Telekinesis. You should be able to move that pencil with your only your mind, the power of your thought.
Also understand that when one observes a quantum particle that they "choose" a phase when being observed. We also know without a shadow of a doubt that all interaction with quantum particles and energy from humans all the way down from breathing and turning on the light effects the behavior of said quantum energy. And yes, even just looking and thinking about these subatomic particles cause these particles to act differently than before each time they're observed.
Knowing this, you're still able to connect yourself with that said pencil in front of you and will it to move the same way you move your very own muscles. Though just as with a baby learning to walk, you must first crawl going nowhere, then stumble repeatedly with failure after failure, attempt after attempt before the baby can actually walk upright without issues. Considering the brain as a type of muscle, one must tune one's mind to understand the limitations of the world with quantum mechanics and subatomic energy and masses make just about anything and everything possible.
So in conclusion to this theory, phasing through walls of all kinds, moving pencils and big rig trucks by pushing or pulling, levitation, teleportation, psychic healing, mind reading, seeing the future and the past as seen with psychometry and clairvoyant visions, supernatural healing similar to that of a vampire and even becoming all knowing as well as immortality is possible with the quantum mechanics, all just using your mind. Just your mind influencing the energy around it, it being made of the same basic makeup the entire universe itself is made of. Subatomic energy.
So in short, psychic powers of any and all kinds are theoretically possible using the system of quantum mechanics.

See It's Legit!
Psionics, including: Telepathy, Kinetics (telekenisis), Psiballs, healing, and more are all possible and really anyone can learn them, if you want to learn some and maybe get real good at this you should check out this site at http://psionix.co.nr

First you should at least Try a psiball go to the Article Section (which can be acessed after registration, which is well worth it,) and then to the second page, click on Psiballs -By Ness, read it and just test it out, it's super incredible when you feel the energy that is there adn the fact you can control it. I'm NOT Crazy, and I'm NOT some hacker or spam bot, I really think that this is worth checking out. Come on, what do you have to lose?


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Posted: 27-Feb-2008, 09:51 AM
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All things ARE connected!!!!!

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