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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 25-Jun-2011, 04:53 AM

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I realize in april I was pregnant.It's a huge surprise for my honey and I but we are so happy.I thought I will never be a mother because we expect that for many years now.I will know the sex of the baby next month.Everyone I know are sure it's a girl but that's not so important as long as the baby is in good health.My morning sickness are mostly over and I start to feel better.I just want to share this moment of hapiness .

Nancy-Raven Hellfire
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 25-Jun-2011, 04:44 AM

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I will be a mom for the first time in a few month.It's a great surprise , my honey and I are so happy.I just want to share this .

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 28-Nov-2010, 06:43 PM

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Congratulation for this wonderfull event.

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 28-Nov-2010, 06:38 PM

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I did so many stranges dreams since the last 3 months .Sometimes I do have premonition .Guess what I don't say it because people do not always believe me , but I'm so rarely wrong about it.I saw my gran at the hospital and it did happend .I saw my grandfather dead and I learn he's very sick and have less then a year to live or one year if he is lucky.

I think I have more of this dream because I change my attitude by enjoying more the life in general.So many people around me are sick it's just normal.Because I did a clean up in my life,it just help me to have more an open mind .If people around could just belive me , it will be amazing.

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 28-Nov-2010, 06:14 PM

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I know it's a bit late to talk of it but here is what I do since the last 5 years.I do organise a huge dinner for all my friend , or at least as much as the space of our little appartment can handle it.Most of the time I do it one or two weekend before Halloween depending of the people who are coming.Of course they have to be in costume and sometimes there is a theme to follow.I offer a big dinner with a lot of dessert and all wine , cider and beer is offer too.

For the part the wheel of the year is turning , sometimes we already have snow for Halloween.The day are shorter and the temperature is colder.For me , the winter knock at the door at this time and sometimes earlier when I saw the first snowflakes.

All our friend know at this time of the year this dinner is a tradition , you can miss it or they have to wait to the next year.I decorate my appt. all the month of october .I envy those of you who have sun and heat at this time of the year.

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 17-Jul-2010, 07:17 AM

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I heard at the news ,here in Quebec , a new law is coming for people who have difficulties to make child .The state will pay for three attempt in fertility clinic .

It's a good news of course but their is also a bad side.The actual delay for private clinic (the one I check)is three to six month of waiting before you can have your first appointment.

Worst then that , I remember this women in the newspaper she was pregnant of 7 months and can't be follow by a doctor.She wasn't able to find one.

My best friend lived the same situation.At 2 months of pregnancy , her pregnancy was too advanced so they can take her .Hopefully she was follow by a midwife in a birth's house(not sūre of how to translate maison des naissances).It was a beautiful experience but when she was looking for doctor and did not find one,she start to panic.How do you manage that when you don't have one?

We already don't have enough doctor , what will happend with more pregnant women?
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 17-Jul-2010, 07:00 AM

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Well , I'm sūre mother nature is not happy to see what people do and how we use ressources .We abuse of all nature can give .As a pagan I don't believe in the end of world but I think we destroy by ourself the planet .

If you do recycle , just look at your neighbour who do not do it because he don't care.It takes years and years before my parents start doing recycle because they don't believe it's important.A lot of people think the same.The mankind is not so brilliant in general .People who cares pay for those who don't.

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 09-Jul-2010, 05:58 AM

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My little cat Midori is born last year just two days before my birthday which I consider a sign .My boyfriend wasn't enthusiatic by the idea of adopting another cat because two months before we adopt her half brother Whisky .They are born from the same mother which was abandon by their owner.I hate people who abandon their animal in nature .

My parents see her during the winter ,they have pity and give her food and a little shelter outside.Surprise , they realize she was pregnant and give birth in march in their garage.They let her go thinking she will find her home and surprise again she gave birth in july.How to be invade by cats.

They contact a refuge and agree to pay a little price to be sure she will not gave birth again.It's not their cat and they hate the idea to pay for someone who didn't take his responsability but imagine baby cats in the winter.We found a house for every kitty.

I first adopt whisky which was the smallest kitty (his not now)and after Midori which has a malformation .I was so afraid by the idea of nobody who want a sick kitty I decided Whisky need company.

I was suffering of severe allergy to cats and it disappear when I saw Whisky the first time.Now I ask myself why I wait so long before having cats .They are the best way to be awake every morning an hour before the time .

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 09-Jul-2010, 05:30 AM

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Flora , I did read the Twilight books a long time before the movie but I did not scream everytime the name is pronounce or looks like on a cloud .I don't really understand why there is so a great cult to that maybe because of the romance , young girl dream to be Bella and live a love story.Having two men ready to fight for a girl , who can resist?I think the reaction is just a little too much .

The books have more details and are easy to read.I receive them as a gift but I will probably not by it by myself because they are a little expensive(20-25$ in my currency) to compare to what I usually pay for an Anita Blake or Patricia Briggs (my actual reading today Ironed kiss) 10-14$.Yes they are smaller books but even the serie Sookie Stackhouse is less expensive ( 18$).

If you really want to read them , borrow them to someone you know or try to get it at the library.

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 09-Jul-2010, 05:10 AM

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My garden at my parent's house looks like very wild.There is so many weeds but the problem is the temperature is too hot(or I should say the humidity) to do anything specially since the last three days.After 9:30am it's impossible to do anything.

My parents have many stray cats around so at least I know there is no squirrel or mouse to damage my garden.I offer to my dad a collection of siberian iris , it's so beautiful.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 01-Jul-2010, 10:18 AM

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My birthday and vacations are coming soon.I will not do anything special because this fall my honey and I are doing a travel in Louisiana.I know that is special but I have to wait 3 month before it.Hopefully we didn't want to go to the beach , it will not be a good time anyway with the actual situation.

Is there anyone who plan something special for the summer or for fall?

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 01-Jul-2010, 10:06 AM

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I'm reading Obsidian butterfly by Laurell K Hamilton .I first receive a book from my boyfriend and buy all other of this serie .I like the character of Anita Blake.

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 01-Jul-2010, 09:55 AM

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Well , sadly in Quebec people do not celebrate a lot Canada day like they celebrate Quebec day on june 24.I personally prefer Canada day because it mean the vacations are coming real soon.

Bonne fźte Canada

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 01-Jul-2010, 09:50 AM

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I think there is nothing better then chocolate .I like hazelnut and coffee too.As a baker , I like to make my own specially when I have guest coming home.

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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 11-Mar-2007, 10:12 PM

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Don't be afraid to cut , anyway you know the first bonsai we buy always die and all after will be better because you will have learn from your mistake.I buy a book from richters(richters.com)to learn how to do bonsai with any other plant like rosemary or fine herb.Sometimes it's less expensive , it take time to get the shape you wish but the result is better and you'll be proud of yourself.Good luck.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 07-Nov-2006, 06:27 PM

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My honey offer me a book call Celtina (in french).It is for a younger public but it's a nice mix of celtic myth and legend.Some place or thing are invented but some are real.Celtina is a teenage learning druidy on the isle of Mona.The roman empire attack , her family is taken as slave.She have to leave her learning and her adventure start there.Most of the celtic name use are in gaelic.If anyone know french I highly recommend it.I don't know if an english version exist , could be interesting.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 07-Nov-2006, 06:17 PM

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Well , the situation is just worst.My best friend which I consider as a sister have wait one year before telling me how much she hate my honey and hope I will leave him.During this year she always smile and never act and say something to proove she don't like him.I was very surprise and dissapointed .It mean everytimes we were doing activities together she play a comedy and she never have the courage to say the truth.

Of course I have talk of this with my honey.He said I just have to not mention him or things related to him to her but he's a big part of my life.I know her since well something like 10 years , she's a good friend but I don't if I should never talk to her again or play the game and never talk about my honey.I can do the game but it will be hard.I don't know what to do ?????
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 28-Oct-2006, 04:50 PM

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I'm agree with Sekhmet , adoption is a touchy subject and people are not always comfortable to talk about it.Searching on the side of the birth or raising family depend of you and the reason of your search.You seem to reject the family who raise him but a family is not only a question of blood.Why do you want so much.All I recommend you is to be carefull in your search and the reason of it because you can hurt not only yourself but other people too.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 28-Oct-2006, 04:29 PM

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Maybe some of you have live this situation so you will be able to told me how you deal with it.My mom did not like my honey .Every time soemthing happend his guilty,when he sleep at home when he leave she find every lack she could and some are just too much.My honey said we should not panic with that and let her imagine every lack she want but when I heard my mom saying soem terrible thing about it it hurt.She's not open to discussion .I assume when I will move it will change but is it right , is it possible to a changement ?What happend when your inlaw family(hope it's the right term)don't like you?We should ignore them or did what they want to please them?I feel guilty , my inlaw family like me so much and my parent don't like my honey.Any advice about this?
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 28-Oct-2006, 04:12 PM

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Beautiful pictures and the book looks like very interesting.I have to read it.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 29-Aug-2006, 12:19 PM

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Thanks for the recipe, I will try it next week for my honey.I'm sure he will be happy.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 22-Aug-2006, 06:06 AM

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I try to look at the link Shadow but it said it is broken .Well it's hard to describe since we didn'tt see a lot this meal.In a frying pan with a lot of butter,you have a slice of bread , a squarre to be exact and an entire egg on the top I mean over the bread.

I dont't know if I should do first put my bread and my egg and cook or put my egg wait a little bit and put my bread and then return it to be sure my egg is well cook.I hate to eat an egg not enough cook.So this is how I saw things if you have a better idea or a suggestion because I think this try will be a desaster.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 22-Aug-2006, 05:47 AM

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Ok , I have no problem to order from their web site if you tell me I will receive my order.I rarely buy from a place before I had a feedback from someone else.And yes I wish to have authentic cd.Thanks for your help.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 22-Aug-2006, 05:43 AM

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Last week my honey and I have saw the movie which talk about the author the Marquis De Sade who was consider crazy and a pervert in his time.He his recognise as a very special author mostly because sexuality is extremely present in his book.I was too curious to see his style so I buy Justine and I think I understand now why he was not like by church .The name of Sade is well know.I have to admit I wish to read it because my honey like many people had read it at the university and since I didn't go.I will certainly not read the 120 journey of sodom which is terrible(this is what I heard) .I think I just open my mind to a new style and for the moment ,justine is not so horrible to read.

Iam curious to know how many people here have ever read one of his work and your point of view about it.
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Nancy-Raven Posted on: 19-Aug-2006, 06:12 PM

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Ok I saw yesterday all the busy thing and the technical problem and bla bla bla.I try to find their album on amazon but get no result.It seem a great group and everyone say it's great so I wish to buy their album.But except on the web site , where can I buy it?I can ask this for christmas, it seems far but I'm doing the list of what I want and what I want to offer.
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