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Posted by MKOC19 on Sep 10th, 2006 9:14 PM
Summer was amazing. VERY BUSY!!! But a lot of fun.

My sister got married to a wonderful man. I welcome him as my new brother. I will disown my other brothers now smile.gif JK. I love my brothers but now the girls are out numbered once again in my family. I think we need to work on that. Anyways back to the wedding. It really was perfect. Nothing honestly went wrong. I know a lot of people say that something always goes wrong with weddings, but nothing did for her wedding which makes me very happy. I was her maid of honor, which was a lot of fun. I tried to help in every way I could when I got home because it was really difficult to help while I was at school. I also sang in the wedding. I sang, "Believe Me if All those Endearing Young Charms" It was my grandparents song for their wedding so I have sang it before. This song was for the Prelude and I sang it in the Choir loft and then I had to get down the stairs to walk down the aisle. I unfortunately slipped down the last few steps. No one saw which I was greatful for, but my sister, father and Uncle heard me. But at least I didnt fall infront of the people walking down the aisle. BUT everything was georgous and it went of marvoulously.

There was also her bridal shower a month before her wedding and my boss almost asked me to work that day. The funny thing is the shower was held at my work and my brother and law works with her and so does a lot of my family. I kinda laughed at her when she asked me to work because I thought she was joking. I realized that she wasnt and kindly explained that I could not work through my sister's shower, but if she really needed me I would work before which she laughed in responce and apologized and asked me to work in the morning. It was an interesting moment to say the least.

I also worked quite a bit this year as well. Lots of overtime. 40+ hour weeks. Not the most fun thing in the world, but I need the money for school. This year we had bad luck with new girls. They were not very reliable at all. It was hard covering for them when they did not come into work. They also did not do their share of the work and didnt even attempt to learn what was needed to be down. If they made a mistake they would just pass it off and make me fix it and not even try to learn how to fix it themselves. One girl just stood there a lot. She would want to be in on all the gossip. She would also follow me around the office wanting me to be her entertainment. It is a very small office, but that did not explain why I would always be stepping on her. She shouldnt be so close to me that every time that I turn around I'm stepping on her. I like to keep busy and she didnt seem to understand that. It was not the best situation.

I also went on a 2 week cruise to the Mediteranian with my friend and her parents. It was unbelievable. We went to Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and Croatia. Croatia was breath-taking. Not that the other places werent, but there was just something about Croatia that stuck out to me. I just couldnt believe it. Dubrovnik is where we were mainly and if there is ever a chance to go there TAKE IT!!! You will not regreat it.

I am now currently back at school finishing up my undergrad. Lots of stress but it is starting to go better. At the moment I am focused on my senior recital but this year is going to fly by.

I Think that is it from me for now. I will be back later. I dont want people to get too sick of me. wink.gif

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