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Posted by MKOC19 on Apr 6th, 2006 10:55 AM
WOW!! It's been a really long time since I've last updated. I'm back in school. I went on a tour of the Midwest with my choir for my spring break. It's sadder than you school is in the midwest. So, we were in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois for about a week. I kinda cried when we past my exit for my house. We did this a couple times. I was really tempted to just not get on the bus when we spoted at a rest stop about 5 miles away from my house.

Right now I am almost done with our sping musical the Music Man. I am Marian the Librarian. Everyone seems to love calling me that too. It opens tonight which will be good. I think we are ready for an audience. My mom and my sister are coming to see it I'm really exicited. I havent seen my family or been home since Janurary. sad.gif I miss home.

Then its just a half a week and I do get to go home. After that we will be performing Mozart's Requiem. For those of you that have seen X-Men 2. Watch the very beginning when Night Crawler is trying to attack the presedent. The background music is the "Dies Irea" which is from Mozart's Requiem. The Requiem was a commission piece. Mozart was sick, but he took the job because be needed the money because he wasnt very smart with the way he spent his money.

The funny thing is that Mozart didnt write most of it. The way he composes is that he has it all down in his head and he will start scetching things out all the way through. Like for one part he will write the violins or the soprano line. Than the next part he will write the bassoon line and he does this for every section. He died before he could finish it. His wife was really worried about not getting paid because it wasn't finished and she needed the money. So she secretly commissioned some of Mozart's students to finish it. The Requiem went through about two of his students before it got to Soussmeir, who Mozart considered his worst student, to actually finish the Requiem. Soussmeir did take some stuff out too, like the Amen section after the Lacrimosa. Soussmeir wrote only a single Amen while Mozart had a fugue. It is really difficult to sing, but it is so pretty. I suggest that at some point in time listen to the Mozart's Requiem. It might be difficult finding a recording of the Requiem with the lost Amen section because it is so new, but it is worth the hunt.

WOW...sorry for the music history lesson there. I just got really excited. But after the Requiem then I am worrying about my half recital and then its finals and then its my sisters wedding and work and next school years projects, senior research project I am focusing on Celtic Music, I will definately have to refine that one quite a bit because i need a better idea of what i want to do besides just celtic music....anways back to what I am doing and then Europe then school again....AHHHHHHH. HAHA. I think I havent gotten enough sleep. I need to get on that. Hope all is doing well.


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