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Posted by MKOC19 on Sep 27th, 2005 10:31 PM
It really must be boring to read about me. Everything is basically the same all the time.

Well what is new with me....
~My sister has set a date for her wedding and I am very excited for her and she is looking for a dress presently. I am going to be her Maid of Honor so that is going to be a lot of fun
~With on of my professors we are trying to plan trips this year to go with some of the courses and it will be really awesome if we can pull it off because we would be going to the West coast the East Coast and a few other place and it all has to deal with music so how could it get any better. It will be A LOT of fun

As for what I have been up to work, homework, classes, play sleep eating choir homework. and not in that order.

Thats about it. I am going to hang out with my boyfriend and do more homework. Everyone take care and God Bless bye1.gif

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