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Posted by MKOC19 on Jul 29th, 2005 11:38 PM
I noticed that I hadnt updated in a long time, but to tell you the truth my summer has been rather boring. My life isnt that might be to me, but probably not to many others.

Basically the summer has consisted of me working. I definatly have worked a lot of hours this summer. Outside of that and splitting my time between my family, friends and boyfriend I really havent been doing any outside of that. Some exciting things that have happen though: 1. I went to my cousin's wedding. 2. I get to spend time with my friend Hilary who I havent seen in ages and I get to be her date woohoo. 3. I am going to a friends wedding and I am bringing my boyfriend. more woohoos. Thats pretty much it. Hmmmm....WOW not the most interesting thing to read. SORRY. I will try to be more amusing next time.

bye1.gif Mary

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