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In Memory of A Wonderful Woman
Posted by MKOC19 on Jun 3rd, 2005 7:32 AM
Recently, I experienced a great loss. My Aunt Mary passed away March 28 after a very long and difficult fight with cancer. She was a very dear and wonderful woman. In the last few weeks of her life when people would go to give her blessings and comfort people were surprised that it was happening the other way around and she was the one giving comfort to everyone else. Everyone always spoke very highly of her and how she ALWAYS saw the good in others..."No matter how horrible that writing might have been" my uncle said at her funeral. At the wake my uncle was talking and had my brother go out and get some sudefed for his sinuses because they were making his eyes water and he couldnt have people thing that he was crying. Before Sean, left to go get him the medicine I asked him if there was anything else that he needed and his responce was, "I need Mary, but I cant have her." It honestly broke my heart when he said that. At the funeral he said a few words and in closing he said something like, "She had the kind of beauty that poets would write about. She had the kind of beauty that when she died you would want to cut her out and put her in the night sky and as stars and the night would be so fine and so fair that no one would not want to look at the garish sun and would bask in the twinkling of her beauty." Of course he said it much more eloquently, but it was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever heard.

I know it is said often, but honestly do not let someone go without telling them what they really mean to you. Believe it or not the person really does not get the magnitude of how they effect you. I am amazed sometimes when some of my friends are down on themselves and I tell them what they mean to me or what I think of them they are blown away and incredably touched. For example, my best friend from High School was going throught an extremely difficult time recently having broken up with her long term boyfriend she was shattered in so many ways. She lost confidence in herself. In passing, I told her how much I have admired her and she was completely shocked and just burst into tears because she didnt realize that was how I saw her. She honestly didnt know how I could admire her when she was so down on herself and I was able to go on about how great she really is. This girl is someone that I have known for over 4 years now and we know what the other is thinking most of the time and say the same things at the exact same time and she did not realize the pure impact she has had on me and my life.
It is always nice to hear the good things that the people around you think about you. You never know when they will need those words of encouragement or if that today is your last day with them. Life is to short.

Aunt Mary you will not be forgotten. You will forever be in my heart and in my prayers. rip_1.gif

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Thank you
Posted by MKOC19 on Jun 17th, 2005 1:20 PM
Thank you for your concern. We are doing well. We know that she is in a better place and that is a great comfort.

Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Jun 13th, 2005 11:25 AM
I am really sorry to read this. I hope your family heals soon. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

Take care.


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