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Tired or not
Posted by JJRau on Jan 25th, 2005 4:30 PM
It's been a while since the last entry. Sigh. Not much happened in those days, at least I didn't do much of what I would have liked to do. I tried to keep up to those things that had to be done und postponed working on the novel until those task are fulfilled. But in the last days there were a few things that made me feel better.

Volker has visited a few flats and some seem quite interesting. Maybe a little house will be to rent as well. Things settle in. I'm going to live in the Stuttgart area within the next months. I finally will be moving. I finally will be leaving here. Not as far as I always dreamed of, but there will be pasture and meadows only a few stepps out of smallish towns, villages to visit, new people to meet, most hopefully an office to work in for both of us.

Strange. This really proves that we grew up, at least a little. We can work within one room without difficulties now. It took us years, but we finally can, now that we maybe will even have an option of two offices in our home. I think we'll rather have a dining room or a library instead of a second study. Who knows? This is so thrilling. A new life to plan, new places to seek and love, new bars or cafés to write in. People will be more disturbed at the beginning, maybe. I don't know. I do know that there is one place I'm really going to miss, around here. The Swan.

Met Max there today. A new friend, not quiet as slender as he should be for so huge a dog, but still such a sweetheart of a Spanish mastiff. Never met one so calm and curious in a friendly way. When a small mogrel with a lot of terrier in his blood entered, Max could have wolfed it down in one big swallow, instead when the little brat growled Max flinched and moved on to have himself a little stroke from everybody. Somehow I felt peace and comfort emanating from this enormous animal. But as I sat there, reading texts that sometimes came as instruments of torture rather than pieces of literature, texts I would have returned uncommented within textkraft, I saw him standing there, in the late afternoon sun and wondered if he is going to limp within a year or two. Too huge even for his frame of bones. Such a beautiful animal and still, maybe we should stopp breeding them, just because they are so short lived. I don't know, I only know I adored Max. Today. I will do so tomorrow, but if I am to have a dog someday, it won't be a mastiff. I'd rather have my dog twelve or more years.

Maybe I'm going to get some sleep tonight. I'll ty.

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