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Words will not come today
Posted by JJRau on Dec 28th, 2004 5:12 PM
Some things are not to be written about in a fluffy little thingy like this diary. Listen to the news, than listen to your heart, and than decide what you can do for those who survived, however little that may be.

Still, in my own little world, there are some thoughts I do have to put down to get back to work. Starting with books. I found one I reall wished to have on my shelves for years. Yesterday, I found it on www.zvab.com from a used book shop right around my corner, or so it said there. Thus, so it snowed nearly all day and everybody on the streets near right panicked, I marched to the cityhall and asked for the bool. And sold it was, as Murphy would have predicted. I went home, just to find the same book for less on another market. Small sadness comfort with even smaller joy, but I'll have my History of the City of Hamburg at least. And with the end of the recent book closing in with every word I write, if I don't write here - darn, I'm evading getting the thing finished, am I not?, I'll have the last bits of info for the next.

I'm off to writing now.

Sleep well.

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