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Posted by UrchinGirl on Jan 17th, 2005 9:09 PM
Well, I made it into Community College. Not an easy feat. It's not that I didn't have the grades or that I tested low... it's that I don't have the money. Sure I filled out grant applications and scholarship applications... but I got told no on all of them. When I finnaly cracked and started to fill out the FAFSA application, I asked for help from the school. They gave it to me, but didn't tell me I needed to bring the from back to them. So I mailed it off straight to the FAFSA people.

When I go and resgister for classes, I get told I need to pay out of pocket because I was supposed to bring the FAFSA form back. Greeeaaat. I don't have the money. Of course I start crying (despit my attempts I'm quite the marshmallow). I go up to my friends dads office and ask him what I should do. My exact words, "Do I de-register?". He directs me to Student Services, where I'm told to speak with a lady in charge of the grants. Now, remember I've already been denied the grant once. I go into her office, state my case, and amazingly she gets the money for me. Out of no where.

So happily, I'm in college now, working my tail end off to get good grades so I can get another grant or scholarship next semester.

Also I'm in another production at the PlayHouse in town. We're doing "Moon Over Buffalo", a hilaroius script, and YAY I have a leading role. Go me! I auditioned just to audition, I wasn't expecting anything out of it... but there I am. One thing I'm a bit iffy on is that the script calls for me to, -flush- be partialy undressed by my opposite. hard enough I've not been in a role where I kiss a person, here I'm making out with him! I can do this though... it's only acting. happy.gif

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