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It's getting Cold Again...
Posted by sir_tal on Oct 11th, 2004 9:51 AM
Mmmmmm...I love this weather. I'm the only guy I know that wears shorts year round here. (Central Valley of California.)

In other news: I finally got my Celtic Knotwork sticker for my car. The backstory: I love knotwork. I always have. My love for knotwork predates my love of Scotland for a couple years at least. Ever since I've been able to drive I've wanted some sort of knotwork embellishment for my car. This year for my birthday, my wife contacted a vinyl vehicle sticker company and basically set up the chance for me to design my own sticker and get it cut out of vinyl. It was an adventure this weekend to make sure the finished product looked right, but if got done!!! I got it applied yesterday and it looks awesome. I'll see what I can do tonight about getting some pictures taken and put up on my website or in my picture album here. smile.gif

I got Aselin Debison's CD for my birthday. I was totally stoked. Now I can listen to her without having to annoy the rest of Celtic Radio's listeners that hate her voice. smile.gif I don't mind hearing about people that don't like her voice. They're entitled to their opinion. But for someone to say that she can't sing a note is ridiculous. I was a music major for 3 years. I took advanced Music Theory, Sightsinging, etc. I had to really train my ear, and while I may have lost some of that, I still play Whistle, Clarinet and Piano, so I haven't lost my ear entirely. I know when someone can't sing, and Aselin can sing just fine. She's actually quite good at bending her notes...just listen to Driftwood. I love new CD's. smile.gif

Ski season approaches, which reminds me...I need to get my skis waxed. And I need to get back into shape. wink.gif Well, I'm off for now!


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