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Souls and Cars
Posted by jesstuss on Apr 8th, 2007 10:07 AM
“We wouldn't shift directly from first to fourth gear in our car; we have to go through second and third to get to fourth. An imagination shift happens the same way. Think of the intellect as first gear, the heart as second gear, the spirit as third gear, the soul as fourth gear. We typically live in our intellect, using the information it gives us to make our daily decisions. As we move into the region of the heart, we begin operating from a feeling level, where we experience the first inklings of true compassion, true meaning. From the heart we can proceed to the spirit, the place of inner fire, inspiration, of creative linking to our higher selves. And when we shift into the realm of the imagination, we are in the realm of the soul, a state of oneness not only with the various dimensions of our fragmented selves, but with all the universe.” --Taylor & Crain, Optimystics Handbook

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