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Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Oct 22nd, 2004 7:37 AM
So Yesterday I had a near to perfect day but it ended badly. We were going to have a poker night last night my girls and boyfriend. We decided to invte more people, and they came. They were mainly my roomie's friends...yes we are trying to hook her up with one of them wink.gif
Anyway, while we were waiting for everyone to show up a guy I know (played the lead in my movie) called me. He wanted to say hi and what I was up to. I mean he called me not any of the other girls he's friends with that I live with. I thought it was really sweet, so I invited him and his girlfriend to poker night as well. Don't worry there is absolutely nothing going on or ever will between me and this guy. Ryan would like to disagree though. Anyway, I decided to drink last night. I was going to anyway. Ryan left to go hang out with some of his buddies and watch the game last night and he was going to come back later around 11pm. So we're all just hanging out at my house having a good old time. And boom, it's midnight. Ryan's not there. the phone rings and Dave begged me to let him answer the phone, I knew it was Ryan so I said yes. Dave totally messed with Ryan's mind and it was hilarious. Ryan didn't think so. The minute I got on the phone he was like "who the **** was that" and he was in no way sarcastic. He told me he was on his way. I was like ok. Then everyone at my ouse decided to go to the bar last night instead. I asked Ryan if he wanted to go and he said no, he wanted to play poker. So i was like ok. I'll stay (my roomies stayed too). So 12:30am Ryan calles me and says that he's still on his way over and that he invited these two guys that he knows I cannot stand. they totally screwed my best friend and I didn't want them to be in my house again, ever. But lo and behold there they are. Anyway, I'm more upset by the fact the Ryan has a problem with me having a good time when I drink, I mean he's allowed to be all cool and have fun when he drinks, how come I can't? So Ryan comes into the kitchen and is like can I borrow some money? I'm like why did you invite them? He's like why where you flirting with Dave? He leaves the room. He goes into the other room and asks everyone what's going on and he's like Cecily's mad at me so I don't know what's going on. Then of course everyone thinks I'm a **TOS VIOLATION** (and yes they said it) because Ryan didn't do anything wrong da da da. I hate it when he lets the whole world know that I am upset. I get upset for stupid reasons, there is no reason why he should let everyone know that I am mad. So I went to bed. And no he didn't come up to see if I was ok, and no he didn't leave a note or anything for me to find in the moring, ugh. I had such a good day yesterday and it would figure that it would be ruined. It's like I can't have fun when he's not there, but do I ever stop him from hacing fun with or without me? NO! This boy is so darn annoying right now. I'm upset. And of course he's not going to wake up to see me at work. No, he's not going to do any of the errands he's supposed to get done before he has to go to work because he's probably to hung over. He aggravates me. It's been a long time since we were mad at each other, that's the kicker right there.

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