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been a while
Posted by carriewolfsong on Aug 2nd, 2013 9:25 PM
Well it's been a while since I've been here so I thought I'd check in. I never really got the hang of navigating this site so I kind of lost interest. And I also continue to have problems with the radio station reception so it started to make little sense to visit here. So sad. Was hoping for so much more. But I don't give up that easy so I've decided to try it again for a while.

I've been doing an ancestry search for a few months now and have made some wild discoveries. It seems that I have some very deep Celtic roots that I never knew of. It shocked me so that I went around for days in a daze... kind of an identity crisis...Turns out that I am 22nd great grand-daughter to Robert The Bruce!! Holy 'you know what'! I was always told we were French all the way back to forever but forever turned out to be only 2 grandparents back and they weren't even all French. But then of course my 22nd great grandfather's heritage has quite a bit of French in it anyway...and so we come full circle. What a ride it has been! I rechecked the info many times and in quite a few places and still came up with the same results. So I have to conclude that it is true. I'm still a bit dazed but feeling like this info explains some of the feelings I've always had all my life. I've always felt a kinship with the Celts because I have Celtic blood running through my veins.
It feels like I've come home. king.gif

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