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Posted by barddas on Aug 6th, 2004 8:59 AM
Well, it's been two weeks since the bruha-ha.
I'm still pretty hurt that my intentions had been questioned. Oh, well that's life. No hard feelings... it just sucks. yea, sucks that's a good word for it.
Enough of that...

Things are going as planned for the Cd. Music is as tight as ever. The studio equipment is being a tad difficult though. There is a hum in the system somewhere.... Now we just have to find it. Then we can start laying down tracks! But things seem to go splendidly when a bit of pressure is added. smile.gif
We signed the contract today for the Saturday night headliner for the Summerset festival. That should be a great show! We haven't been there for a year, and I am anxious to see all of our friends in the Wheeling, WV area! It should be a grand time. In that years time we have gathered an entire shows worth of new music! So this will be the precursor for the new Cd! We plan on playing a bunch of the tracks that are going to appear. Looking forward to it. Also those strawberries soaked in wine!!!! MMMmmmmm What a temptress she is. LOL!
Their theme this year is a Viking Raid! LOL! So the new track 'out of the North' will fit fantasticly!
Can't wait!!!!

Oh yeah!
I ran into an old high school pal Wed. night at The Cure show. While chatting I found out he manages one of the pubs in our area!! So looks like we may have an 'in'. He isn't the one that books the shows, but he seems to think he can help out!
BTW- The Cure were F'n AWESOME!!!!! Almost 30 yrs of angst, and still going strong. I'm glad they're still playing. So much of their music is a soundtrack to my life - it isn't funny!
Ah, waxing nostalgic......

So does anyone ever read this crap??? LOL!!!!

Well, I best go for now...

remember the sun never sets if you drive into it....


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