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My hero, Bridget Jones
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Nov 18th, 2004 7:24 PM
I'm very excited about seeing the new movie this weekend. She is every woman, she is me, lol. It'll be another fun girls night, well for the most part.
My arms hurt ... crybaby.gif... I decided to be nice today and stay after school to volunteer my veins. If you miss a day of school you have to make up the time and things that were done the next day after school. But you also need victims to pratice on. The term victim sounds appropriate right now. So I was like 'La la la Yeah I'll stay after. I'm in a good mood.' Four blood draws and four finger sticks later I was cursing myself. Eh, alright so it wasn't that bad, but still...
I never told you what I did last Sunday. I stayed the weekend at my cousin's house. Sunday afternoon I waited all day for his family to come home. Why? They had bought fourteen Chihuahua puppies (six weeks old)! They were the cutest things! They sell them up here for a good profit. We had to give them baths before any buyers came. We had our own little Chihuahua factory line. It was my job to dry them. Of course I kept a few out to hold and cuddle with. I finally had to leave to go home, but I checked up on them Monday night too, ha ha. I miss my dog sad.gif
I am going to a wedding tomorrow so I should find something to wear... night everyone.

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