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Posted by maddogmikk on May 25th, 2011 9:09 AM
Why is it every time I find someone that will listen and be a shoulder that I can lean on theres some reason why it's not going to work?I hate it. It makes me feel so alone. I guess I did something to someone at sometime and now karma is getting me back. I feel like I'm in this huge hole and I'm trying to climb out but I'm never going to make it. So I sit in this hole for days and days. All alone and the some one stops by and I think I'm going to get out and then there's some reason why they can't help. Their to busy or their to young or they just plain don't care. The whole young thing is I found someone on this site that has been more then helpful they've listened and i thank you , then I find out how old they are. great Im 26 their under 18. so thats all i need right. some one thinking i'm some kinda freak right, so i'm back in the hole. all alone. again. it sucks i hate it I'm not sure how long this times going to last, wish I would have brought a umbrella and a lunch lol

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Posted by jmparrish on Apr 4th, 2012 11:46 AM
Dear maddogmikk, I hope things have gotten better for you. Life gets hard on us, but I can assure you that we are all in that hole with you at one point or another. Unfortunately, it's so dark we don't see each other. Things do get better. Something that helped me was doing something new. I was trying to find support from people in my life who wouldn't do it, so I did it myself by using art.
Again, I hope things are going well for you.



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