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Were is the love
Posted by maddogmikk on May 8th, 2011 7:12 AM
I love the song that the black Eyed peas sing. " were is the love."
It makes you wonder were is the love. It's it wrong to help out a neighbor or a person you have never met face to face? Is right to sit back and watch the lives of others go down the drain when you know that if you step in and helped it would make the world to that person? What would you do if the moment presented itself would you stop and help out? Which one would you help out first? \A kid/adult that needed food, a women/men getting mugged, or a lonely neighbor down the street that hasn't had a Christmas in the last 25 years because her/his family are a_ holes. Which one would you help if knowing the only thing your getting back is the feeling of doing something good?
If your answer is all, the more power to you. Just watch out, If you help out that much you may not have anything left for yourself. I know this for a fact. I have answered yes. If you answer no to any of these stop and think Why? Why would (yourself) say no to helping? If you were in these problems would you not want someone to help? So why say no? And if you answered some one else will help, get this. It is proven that a group of people are less likely to help someone were a a couple or single person(s) will help out.
So if you don't get this lets make it a little simply.
If you were in a group of people and you walked past a crime you would not stop and help because it is proven that you would think " someone else will help out". Everyone in that group would think the same thing and no one stops. But if you were with your girl/guy or by yourself you would help out in a sec. So with this little info would you truly help out? Will you go against the norm? Would you stop and put human life before yourself? Or would you sit back and let it happen? Peace out everyone and think thou out your day, Were is the love?

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