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Posted by maddogmikk on May 3rd, 2011 9:20 PM
Imagine this. Your sitting by your self. And you start to hear a voice. It's in side your head. And all that voice tells you is things to make you hate your self.
Here is what you hear.

You know something, I just figured out something. I understand why you almost died. Why your blood tried to kill you. It's because your nothing but sh*t josh. She knew right off the bat that you were not worth the time. She was right. Look your wife hates you. Your friends hate you. Your family hates you. Soon your kids will learn to hate you. i think they should have just let you die. It would have been better. Your so messed up your own mother wanted nothing to do with you and she almost killed you josh. I think it sucks that she failed. If you had died no one would have cared. now your nothing but a problem for people. I keep telling you to do things but you don't listen josh. I think your scared Josh. What's a little pain going to matter to Amanda. She's only staying because she thinks she has to. She doesn't care. Look at tonight. Ha ha. No one cares. you even asked and still nothing. I do love the fact that your alone. O great writing again. I just think that if you went and found a belt and beat yourself with it this would make everything better. Shh don't write that. Dam it josh will you stop writing and listen. Just a little pain that's it. you've been bad. You need to listen and I'll help you. WILL YOU STOP WRITING. I hate your writing. It' makes you feel better. and make it easier for you to forget that I'm here.

That never ends for me. It's still going on but now is like listening to static. A whisper. It's easy to tune out after i let things out. I tried to tell Amanda this but you know what happens. LOL. well not really lol it kinda sucks.

thanks again for listening have a good night.

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