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heavness of sin
Posted by maddogmikk on Feb 28th, 2011 11:41 AM
I get asked by many people that knew me when i was younger " why don't you act like how you were back in the day". I tell them all the same thing, Its because I'm a dad now. And that works. They don't ask me intill the next time I'm the DD. But that is not the whole truth. I need to let someone know, These people would understand, maybe.My wife is one of these people that ask me this. But that's everyday.Not when I'm the DD. My wife would still not understand. Ive told her. Maybe I wasn't clear. So Im going to tell you. /maybe you will get it.
Back in the day. I partied like there was no tomorrow. I could put a Scottish sea men under the table. and I'm not bragging its true, and I'm not happy about it. The things that I put into my body I'm surprised I'm not died. I have seen things that would make a grown man cry and run back to his mother. And Ive done things that make me go what the he&( was wrong with me. But I know what was wrong and this is what no one seems to get.
i had nothing. nothing to live for. If I was going to die I was going out with a bang. And damn it I was on fire. And I mean that in the figuratively and realistically way. A few times I was on fire. I got lucky.But lying there one day I saw something. I saw that I had someone that i loved. And some time after that I had my son. And I knew no mater how hard life was I had meaning.And onthe day of my sons brith. I made a pacted with my self him and god that I was done with the partying, And I have bin. Once in awhile I will sit back and have a cold one or once in a great well i have more then a few. but thats almost never. I think once in the past 5 years i had more then one drink. but what I dont get is why noone seems to get that.???????? why

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