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I am a Mikkelsen
Posted by maddogmikk on Feb 26th, 2011 11:33 PM
I'm not sure how tough the road ahead is going to be for the Mikkelsen clan. But I know that what ever is laid before us we shoal stand high and strong. For we are Mikkelsens and we never give up. No mater how hard we are pushed down we will stand back up. No mater how heavy the load is we will carry it. No mater difficult the task is we will finish it. No mater what foe tomorrow brings we will stand up and look it in the face and say. We are mikkelsen and we never give up. So my follow brothers and sisters no mater if your name is not mikkelsen no mater the blood that runs thew your veins take a stand beside your clan and shout at that the top of your lungs like a mikkelsen. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP
So as i close a page in my life only to open up a new one i say this to all, stand high stand strong stand with your head held high and look what ever it is you face in the eyes.........................

I am a Mikkelsen and I never give up.

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