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Another Note Before Bedtime.
Posted by Haldur on Dec 3rd, 2004 12:25 AM
Oh, I almost forgot (not really, but humor me please, Journal!) that in the next month or so I aim to acquire a few items of exponential value that will help with my recordings. The first will be a very good quality microphone (most likely a Shure) which will cost around $100; the second, a vocal processor which will clock in at around $300; the third, a good quality, inexpensive sound mixer can run anywhere between the span of $200 and $450. I have also wish for an Apple IPod because I think they're sleek and beautiful! But that may have to come much later as my budget allows.
For now I aim to purchase the microphone, the vocal processor, and some cables!

Now that I'm finished with my rants, slan leit!

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