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The Celtic Heritage of Graeme Park
Posted by GraemePark on Feb 13th, 2009 1:23 PM
The 18th century owners of Graeme Park were of Scottish descent. Sir William Keith, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania from 1717 to 1726 was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland at Boddam Castle. Keith acquired 1,700 acres in Horsham and intended to establish a malt manufacturing operation on his estate. His step-son-in-law, Dr. Thomas Graeme, of Balgowan Scotland, purchased the property in 1738 and used it as the family’s country seat. Dr. Graeme was one of the founders of the St. Andrew’s Society in Philadelphia and served as its first president. Graeme’s daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Henry Hugh Fergusson, a Scottish immigrant, inherited the home after his death. She remained at Graeme Park until 1795.

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