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Posted by Donajhi on Jun 22nd, 2007 10:41 AM
I am so happy I found Celtic Radio, thanks to Celtic Rose.
I believe thing just happen for a reason. I was looking for information about the gathering of the clans in Flagstaff Arizona. I found Celtic Rose's post on Yahoo.
Clicked and here I am.

When I feel a little blue all I have to do is go to jokes or games, such as, "Test".
I was rolling on the floor. How one word could cause so much banter, I'll never know, but what fun.

I will spend awhile here today as it will be about 110-114 outside. With my wall paper skin I don't get along with the sun very well. Actually I hate the sun. I lived in Washington state most of my life, then I got stuck here after my mum passed.

The four days we will spend in Flagstaff will help. It will be cool and the people from around the world are always great to "jaw" with. I aways learn something new. And a few pints are always welcome..... tongue.gif

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