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The stars come out at night
Posted by gloriaraynes on Feb 4th, 2007 7:13 PM
My favorite time is 3am when I take my little dog Ceilidh out. The sky is clear, the world is dark and silent, and sometimes I see the moon on it's trip across the sky. With the occasional exception of a hunting cat or a running rat...the alley is silent. The streets and the playground are quiet, a rare and beautiful gift in a city.

In the spring you can hear plants grow and in the winter the sky is so clear..It's silent, but you know across the alley a light is on, someone is getting ready for an early shift or a young mom is rocking a baby. You are never alone. The stars are a rare sight in the city, too much light pollution. But I know they are there. And it's the biggest strongest ones I see and draw strnght from their silent blessing.

Then Ceilidh and I go back to bed and sleep, til dawn starts a new character in my silent travel thro time. My journey is not measured in miles, but in minutes and hours.

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