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resolutions-> kicking the habit
Posted by Lady of the Loch on Jan 2nd, 2007 3:14 PM
okay so I said I would quit smoking. I am trying, I smoked 6 yesterday and that wasn't bad compared to my almost 2 packs a day habit. I am not doing so well today but the thing is, it isn't the physical attachment to it like I thought there would be luring me back, it is the mental attachment, the little thing in my brain saying, "Hey you need a cigarette". If I could just stop that, I would be fine. I tried picking up some things like my kids play-doh to keep my hands busy, but it isn't working sad.gif. It is 4 in the afternoon now and I am at 5 today already. But again, it isn't so bad as what it was. I think I am gonna get some help with this, like the patch or something, maybe I need some subliminal taped messages and need to listen to it over and over to stop...hahhahahahahaha that would be funny! Probably doesn't help that the kids are driving my looney and I seek one in situations like that too. They go back to school tomorrow, so maybe it will be a better day....we will see!

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