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a busy day
Posted by Lady of the Loch on Dec 2nd, 2006 8:59 PM
Well, kids had to bowl today and I woke up to my lock being frozen on the van. So I trudged over to my parents house, borrowed their tracker and went to take them bowling. No sooner than I got home, my locks on my van thawed out and my son had to go to a birthday party. At that time, I went to help pack boxes for soldiers overseas, and I am sooooo glad I didn't organize this event. However, they wanted my expertise on filling out the forms for shipments, which I knew how to do because of the event I organized in 04 for the soldiers. But, they asked me to do it next year, and of course, I said I would.
Ugh, I went bowling tonight on our league and how frustrating when you get beat out of the bracket by your mom. I must have got my competitve genes from her, cause God knows she likes a good competition. I didn't do bad, 192, 162 and 226 for a 581. Can't believe I missed another 600 again. I haven't had a 600 this year, I gotta get on the ball.

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