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New for me
Posted by Lady of the Loch on Dec 1st, 2006 12:41 PM
December 1, 2006
Okay so, this is new for me. I haven't ever written in a journal before, but I thought what a time to start. I have been rushing around all week preparing for my little dd and ds's birthday party this weekend. I just went shopping for them and for christmas last night....what a nightmare, everywhere was packed. But, I just can't seem to find anything that I think my son will like besides playstation2 games, which I have already got him. I think it is hard when they reach that age where they aren't yet wanting high tech things, but don't want the little boy toys either. He will be 9 and the playstation is his life.
So anyway, besides the birthdays, I am going to help out a non profit organization this weekend. We will be packing boxes for soldiers overseas. I am really glad that I didn't organize this event considering all the work I did in the past organizing the last one.With classes and the kids activities, there just isn't enough time.
I have been asked again to coach both the T-ball and girls 9-10 softball leagues this year...again. The problem is that now I have 3 kids in it and the games are hard to schedule around, but , I love teaching them, so that is a big issue for me. Do I or Don't I? I gotta weight the pro's and con's on that one.
I have had this dream plaguing me since last friday and I truly wonder if it is real or is was a dream. I was asleep, or actually had my eyes closed for 5 minutes late last friday night and I know it was 5 minutes because I looked at the clock. But, I opened my eyes and I was paralyzed. I could see someone or something standing above my bed, but I only seen the black figure from the waist down. I finally got ahold of myself and jumped up. I don't know, I keep thinking about it and wondering if it was more than a dream.

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