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Just another try on blogging
Posted by JJRau on Dec 20th, 2004 8:30 PM
Diaries are a strange thing for me. I used to have one, but I never really used them to put down any other thoughts than those I use for my writing. Thus most diaries ended up as scrap books. I wonder what is going to become of this one. At least I really like the look of it. For the very first time.

Ok, after writing a 50 k words within three weeks I really feel tired, which is dangerous because the book isn't finished yet. And I'm really bad a ending something I enjoyed as much as writing the fluffy little fantasy thingy.

Strange, that writing a book ended up in getting a blog, because I do owe highlander radio a good portion of those 50 ks. Without the music I wouldn't have come that far.

I'm babling, ain't I? Well, maybe I'm just tired, maybe I'm blocked and try to come around it by blogging. Don't know. Not today. Thus, just a few words added to the book and a few more here may be enough for now.

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into my mind;
leaves the fading colors
of autumn's dawn.

Boats tossing about while
swell is branding moorings
into abysmal ditches.

Heaven wallows in gullies
and caves so deep,
the tides will catch me.

Waving insignia of October's Moon.

Judith Rau, 1998

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