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My interests, huh? Well let's see; there's theatre, Celtic music, reading, sketching, writing bad (yes bad) poetry, did I mention theatre? Oh yeah... I did. I have eclectic tastes in many things. I'm pretty chatty most of the time, and I adore meeting new people!

She Hugs Trees!! -Her friend Cat.
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Full plate
Posted by UrchinGirl on Jan 17th, 2005 9:09 PM
Well, I made it into Community College. Not an easy feat. It's not that I didn't have the grades or that I tested low... it's that I don't have the money. Sure I filled out grant applications and scholarship applications... but I got told no on all of them. When I finnaly cracked and started to fill out the FAFSA application, I asked for help from the school. They gave it to me, but didn't tell me I needed to bring the from back to them. So I mailed it off straight to the FAFSA people.

When I go and resgister for classes, I get told I need to pay out of pocket because I was supposed to bring the FAFSA form back. Greeeaaat. I don't have the money. Of course I start crying (despit my attempts I'm quite the marshmallow). I go up to my friends dads office and ask him what I should do. My exact words, "Do I de-register?". He directs me to Student Services, where I'm told to speak with a lady in charge of the grants. Now, remember I've already been denied the grant once. I go into her office, state my case, and amazingly she gets the money for me. Out of no where.

So happily, I'm in college now, working my tail end off to get good grades so I can get another grant or scholarship next semester.

Also I'm in another production at the PlayHouse in town. We're doing "Moon Over Buffalo", a hilaroius script, and YAY I have a leading role. Go me! I auditioned just to audition, I wasn't expecting anything out of it... but there I am. One thing I'm a bit iffy on is that the script calls for me to, -flush- be partialy undressed by my opposite. hard enough I've not been in a role where I kiss a person, here I'm making out with him! I can do this though... it's only acting. happy.gif

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Restless nights
Posted by UrchinGirl on Dec 21st, 2004 12:07 AM
Do you ever get those nights where you just can't seem to sleep, no matter what you try to do? Yeah? This is one of those nights for me so if this entry makes no sense what-so-ever, forgive me. I've been going through the Quizz & Poll section and taking a few of them. Just for the fun of it.

My Harry Potter name is rather dull, Eleanor Cauldwell. I like the last name though, and snagged it for a character I have in an Online-RPG board for yahoo. Renea Cauldwell. I thought it was rather pretty.

Saddly the Hobbit Name Generator was unavailable for my use at this time, I'm not sure I'd really want to know what my name is in Hobbitdome though. I'd probably end up being something like "Frieda Hairyfoot". Who knows.

Apparently I'm the perfect friend, that made me feel good. I took that quiz a few days ago though, whenI was actualy wondering about it. I'd gotten into an argument with my best friend which ended in tears on both parts. We've since made amends and are back to being partners in crime as it were.

My Christmas is most like a Muppets Christmas Carol, which is just awsome because that's one of my favorite movies. I watch it even when it's not the season to. What can I say, Kermie is the frog!

I've always seen myself as Earthy anyway, and this little quiz about the elment you are, while cute, agrees with me. I love the picture that goes with the answer too. Love butterflies. I'm not sure why, they're so delicate, but elegant, and there's a sense of strength about a butterfly that you wouldn't expect. I like that.

At the moment I'm not brave enough to see what my thoughts resemble. I feel like they're a dark mass churning within my mind. Not something I'd like to dwell on at the moment so moving on:

According to the Quiz I'm an "Intelligent Loner", which is all well and good, but I'm not shy. Well I can be sometimes, but most of the time I'm talking about one thing or another. I don't know if this is just a facade that's grown with me and become a part of me, or what, but oh well.

Okay one more quiz, then I'm going to try and get some more sleep. I've been avoiding the ambien all night, I'm afriad I'll become dependant on it, and that simply won't be good. I know it's a very legitimate fear... several people have become dependant on such pills before. I just have to be careful is all.

I'm a hersey bar? Oh dear. While I do like chocolate, Hersey isn't what I'd call a high-end candy. But the descriptoin that goes with it makes me feel good too. That's what I like about this site. When I'm not feeling so well about myself I can come here and be cheered up by the people around and the music. I don't really have to say anything to anyone, I just know that you are all here, and it's like a family. That's a wonderful feeling to have.

As it is, I'm going to go and -try- to sleep. If it doesn't happen, well there will be another senseless entry. happy.gif Good night.

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Life continues
Posted by UrchinGirl on Nov 30th, 2004 2:03 PM
Okay, so I survived "The Barn" Saturday night, though there were a few close calls. I hadn't expected it to be as much fun as it was. Clubs aren't exactly where I'd chose to spend my time, however it was... interesting. While I could have done without folks trying to pat my backside (not something I'm used to in any situation save for on the stage when the script calls for it). Ah well. That's what happens in clubs I guess.

Monday passed and as it's now Tuesday and I'm once again without work I find myself lazing about. I should be out looking for another job as I type this, but... as I said, lazy. Besides, everyones already hired for their Holiday help. I might try a few places, maybe even put in an application at the dreaded Books-A-Million. Just for giggles. It'd be interesting to see the look on the GM's face when he saw that app. Hee. Parv and I simply do not get along at all. I'm not sure why that is honestly, unless it's just a clash of personalities. Eh well, life continues.

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The Barn
Posted by UrchinGirl on Nov 27th, 2004 2:59 PM
Okay, so I'm being dragged off this evening to partake in local culture. I'm not so sure how I feel about that, concidering I grew up around here and don't particuarly agree with what's called 'culture' in the "backwater" area of Rocky Mount. Sure it was voted one of the All American Cities, but... well I'm not particularly fond of my peers. I've been told I've an "old soul" whatever that's supposed to mean anyway. Maybe that explains something to those of you reading, and perhaps one day it will to me too. As for now...

Well "The Barn" as it's called is just that. A barn out between Nashville and Castallia, where every Saturday night there's a DJ and dancing and what not. Now I'm not much for dancing, or even parties unless it's a cast party or a Celtic Festival. I just like knowing what I'm getting into. I think that's pretty resonable.

Anyway, Debbie is getting me out of my 'dungeon' as she calls my room and the computer room. She says I need to live life while I can. I'll go of course, only to make her happy. I'll even try to have a good time. Who knows, I might end up having a great time and make it a weekly outing. *laughs* Right. Well, we shall see won't we?

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Thanksgiving Day Blues
Posted by UrchinGirl on Nov 25th, 2004 10:47 PM
Now why am I upset? And more importantly why am I whining here? You guys don't have to read if you don't want, I understand completely. I'm just icky lately and I'm not quite sure why. Well I have a few ideas and I'll moan about them here.

Well the day before my birthday the man I love decides he doesn't feel the connection anymore and so breaks up with me. We still hang out on a regular basis and nothing's changed save for the "Boy-friend" "Girl-friend" titles. He treats me the same and we still have fun together. I don't understand what I did wrong. He says nothing, but how do I know he's not just saying that to make me not be so icky. It hurts. It really really hurts. I want it to stop hurting, but I don't know how. He's... he's wonderful, he makes me feel like I am sombody, as though I have worth. Now I know that I have worth anyway, but knowing and feeling are two different things. Ghad I don't mean to be such a baby about this. Poetic justice I guess, for being so cold-hearted in high school. I was so mean! I feel horrible about the things that I did. I'd toy with peoples minds. I convinced one person that Concubine was a goddess and so being called one was a compliment. geeze... I wish I could take all that back, be nice, ya know?

Thanksgiving was fun... for the most part. I went to my theatre friends house (Cat, the one who wrote on my profile) and we played a playstation2 game: Karaoke Revolution2 that another friend of hers brought over. Everyone was having fun! I can't sing (well) and they got me to sing anyway. Got booed off stage by a computer. How's that for a confidence boost.

I promise you people! I'm not always like this! I really don't know why I'm being so icky lately. I swear I'll get better. I just... stars I don't know. I'm going to shut-up now and to go to bed. Maybe things'll be better tomorrow. I hope so anyway.

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